Too Far? Slate Magazine Questions Netflix LGBTQ Cartoon

August 18th, 2023 2:00 PM


In June, Netflix released an animated movie called “Nimona.” The movie is rated PG - but surprisingly, even the leftist magazine Slate wondered whether or not the movie gives too much of a progressive push. 

“Nimona” features two main characters, Ballister Blackheart and Ambrosious Goldenloin, who are supposedly former gay lovers. Nimona, on the other hand, is described as a “shape-shifting magical being that is implicitly some kind of ‘gender-fluid’ creature,” as The Post Millennial reported Wednesday. For instance, at one point in the film, Nimona’s character says it's “not a girl." Yet in another scene, it's told, “And now you’re a boy,” to which Nimona answers, “I am today.”

Talk about confusion…then again, isn’t that the goal?

As noted by Slate, the movie “takes gay and trans-coded characters and slots them into a story we’ve seen a million times before, about misunderstood ‘monsters’ and fear of the Other,  and that makes the details of their sexual orientations and gender identities seem almost beside the point.” 

Nimona is based on a 2015 graphic novel and according to Slate author Sam Adams, it should have been left like that. He claimed that watching the movie is “hollow” compared to its original source material. 

As noted by The Post Millennial, Slate wasn’t the only left-leaning outlet to disapprove of the propagandistic kids show. Disney once reportedly acquired the rights to the film, but ended up dumping it because it was “essentially too gay” for the company. Ironic, considering other things Disney likes to push. 

Other outlets, however, have embraced the movie. Rolling Stone labeled it “trailblazing” and “groundbreaking,” while Comic Book Resource called it a “step in the right direction for animated movies.”

But Twitter users were irritated with the themes.

One user posed the question, “Why is Hollywood obsessed with showing gay stuff to kids?” Many answered, with one person saying, “It's called grooming and you have to get them young,” while another answered, “Because pedophiles make up a substantial slice of the elites of pop culture and are protected by the rest of the elites.”

While there are always going to be people who can’t get enough gay propaganda, it’s cool to see some recognize that shoving an agenda down people’s throats doesn’t always, or really ever, produce good, quality content.