Shoe & Coffee Companies Advertise Unnecessary Double Mastectomy Surgery

July 31st, 2023 12:23 PM

What happened to the idea of staying in your own lane?

The shoe brand, Dr. Martens, and the coffee company, Costa Coffee, both came out with new ways to appeal to the LGBTQ mob. Dr. Martens released new shoes with a character printed on them showing a double mastectomy and Costa Coffee used the same type of character in an advertisement.

Now we can’t even drink coffee or wear shoes without thinking of the trannies. 

Let’s start this blog like most of us start our day, with coffee.

Costa Coffee is supposedly the UK’s largest and fastest growing coffee shop chain and is a subsidiary of CocaCola. James Esses, a commentator who focuses on gender ideology’s impacts on society, shared a photo of what looked like the side of a bus or building. Regardless of where the advertisement was, it showed a surfer character in mens swim trunks and had drawings of mastectomy shaped scars under the nipples of the character. 

The coffee company was promoting mastectomies of healthy breasts. 

Luckily, we weren’t alone in our disgust for this sort of advertisement. Users on Twitter, or “X,” blasted the move. 

@CostaCoffee glorifying and promoting mutilation of women's healthy body parts that cause them life long health complications. Looks like Costa wants to be boycotted like Bud Lite,” a group called The LGB Group tweeted. Another shared a similar sentiment saying, “Bud Light and Target, meet your new friend.” One more stated, “Dear @CostaCoffee  why does your company believe a double mastectomy is something to be trivialised down to being akin to buying a cup of coffee?”

Others explained how they planned to boycott Costa Coffee. “Difficult to believe this is true but what in God’s name are @CostaCoffee playing at, by glamourising the mutilation of young bodies which more than often leads to a major regret in later life."

"This regressive and yes evil ideology being propagated by the likes of #Stonewall must be stopped. These procedures should only be allowed when children become fully adult (25 years old),” a user stated and added, “go woke go broke.”

Sadly, Costa Coffee wasn’t the only company that pandered to the woke mob with images glorifying mastectomies. Dr. Martens, the popular boot brand, partnered with a Colorado based artist, Jess Vosseteig, who focuses on creating “inclusive, empowering, and positive art.”

Vosseteig designed a pair of platform Dr. Martens. One side featured a girl with a female symbol on her shirt and the other side featured a girl with obvious scars from a mastectomy. The shoes are also decked out in rainbows, naturally, and had the words “Queer Joy” written on the back seam. 

“My art focuses on inclusivity, empowerment, and creating conversations surrounding feminism and the queer community,” the artist said about the shoes as noted on Dr. Marten’s USA Instagram page. 

To make matters worse, yeah they can get worse, Dr. Martens posted a giveaway for followers to win the queer boots.

Users on Instagram and Twitter alike blasted the boots. 

One wrote, “Because cashing up on the mutilation of young teenage girls and lesbians is so cool and progressive Shame on you!!!” Another called the boots “vile” and one more said she was “disgusted,” according to the Instagram comments on the giveaway post. Over on Twitter, after Libs of TikTok shared an image of the boots, users also got fired up. 

Another user commented, “This is a for-profit medicalization advertisement scheme that is targeting vulnerable children. Wake up people!” One sarcastically asserted, “Yes, I asked if they would be offering a vaginoplasty version in the future. I prefer my shoes to have more grotesque mutilations on them.” Others called it “brainwashing,” and more called for a Dr. Martens “boycott.”

If companies should have learned anything this past year so far it's that the tide is turning. Look at Bud Light, look at Target, look at people standing up for what’s true and against the woke, indoctrinating policies of the left. Costa Coffee and Dr. Martens are setting themselves up for failure.