Bank Rejects Parents Group Who Protests Child 'Transitions'

July 21st, 2023 4:21 PM

A parents organization in the U.K. was prevented from opening an account with Metro Bank after the bank found out the parents opposed transgender procedures for children. Because those who don’t want kids' genitals chopped off are somehow the ones in the wrong.

Good lord, this is some intense inverse morality.

The parents group, "Our Duty," which represents over 2,000 parents who are rightfully concerned about children "transitioning" and whose goal is to come alongside other parents who are struggling with the right decisions and answers for kids who are, unfortunately, struggling with gender confusion and looking to permanently alter their bodies. The group claims their goal is not political or religious, but rather that they want to safely bring “children to adulthood healthy in body and mind," pointing out that transgender medical procedures are harmful and often lead to regret.

And apparently, that belief is enough to get you banned from basic financial services. Metro Bank, the UK’s seventh-largest bank with roughly 2.5 million customers, reportedly told Our Duty’s founder, Keith Jordan, that the group was not eligible for a business account because “the content of your website conflicts with the culture and ideas we are pushing.” I didn’t know that storing and counting money needed to come along with a slew of “culture and ideas." Next thing you know, tellers will be greeting customers like, “Okay ma’am, this is the withdrawal from your account that you asked for and we’re going to say this conversation stands in solidarity with pro-abortionists.” 

As ridiculous as it sounds, something like that wouldn't be that far off at Metro Bank. According to Breitbart, the bank reportedly joined the far-left LGBTQ Stonewall charity scheme, “Diversity Champion,” which holds a “significant degree of influence” over the banks' decisions.

But apparently, U.K. banks have a habit of denying customer service based on social justice ideals.

"Brexit" leader Nigel Farage announced that nine banks refused to have him as a customer as a result of him being a so-called “Politically Exposed Person," adding he was dropped by Cottus bank for falling below the financial threshold, despite persons with similar portfolios being kept on.Similarly, Alexandra Tolstoy, the daughter of former UK Independence Party (UKIP) politician Count Nikola Tolstoy, alleged that the NatWest bank, which owns Coutts, closed her account as a result of her name.

“The irony is it’s like the Soviet Union. Only they would at least tell you what you are accused of. Even in the kangaroo courts of Stalin, you knew what you were being accused of. It is absolutely extraordinary that this is happening in this country. I have no idea what I’m being accused of, maybe it’s a mistake, maybe it’s my name," Tolstoy told “The Telegraph.”

Unfortunately, debanking isn’t happening exclusively in the U.K. As a matter of fact, the Media Research Center’s exclusive CensorTrack database has tracked and reported instances where credit card companies, payment processors and consumer banks have blacklisted conservatives in the U.S. Just last month, Chase bank closed the bank account of a forest defender and gave the customer no rhyme or reason why. 

It’s become increasingly common for establishments like banks to not only dip their toes into areas of bias, but dive in head-first. These establishments are choosing to push a narrative rather than merely perform their jobs. And Metro Bank's rejecting this parent group is just the latest example.