Washington Post Promotes Two Confused/Depressed Trans Kids

June 28th, 2023 1:20 PM

The "Washington Post" released a gross profile last week on two transgender teenagers. The piece was woven with pro-trans propaganda.

The piece by author Caitlin Gibson and photographer Emily Monforte supposedly took a few months to prepare as Monforte, who had a strange affixation for photographing queer youth, followed the lives of two “trans” children living in Los Angeles. One goes by Evan and is a 15-year-old boy who thinks he’s a girl and the other, with the same type of confusion, is Natasha who is 17.

WaPo first highlighted Evan who claimed to want to be like Barbies as a child. He also claimed to frequently watch “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” which is a series featuring men in fishnets dancing and acting in some of the most hypersexualized ways. It’s safe to say that a show of the sort is not appropriate for children. 

“As more recent seasons have come on, there’s been a lot of trans queens on the show, and that was my first introduction to it. They would talk about [being trans], and it was just, like, realizing that I kind of felt the same way,” Evan said. Yeah, and there’s still people who think these media forms aren't indoctrination. 

Evan also claimed that he liked to look like “a normal cisgender girl as much as possible. I do makeup, but I don’t do anything crazy.” 

Honestly, I could make fun of the delusion young Evan is experiencing but quite frankly, the situation is heartbreaking. In the piece, he explained how he dances ballet at school and stares at his male body all day with dysphoria.

Evan even mentioned how he uses “tucking tapes,” to hide his male genitalia in his leotard in tights. 

Despite pretending to be a girl and coming off as someone “comfortable” in their skin, Evan said he likes to be at home. “I don't really like going out, and whenever I get invited to places to hang out, I tend to bail,” he said. That doesn’t really sound like someone who’s happy.

He later stated that he gets discouraged by seeing his friends do things like “dating” and “having flings” when he’s never experienced something of the sort due to this lack of feeling “completely comfortable.” Honestly, it sounds like someone who’s depressed  - but still, WaPo affirmed and encouraged Evan with this profile piece.

At the end of his portion of the piece, Evan mentioned how he started taking estrogen and likened himself to a bug that evolves to its final state, “You’re just evolving and evolving until you get to the point where you feel your best, and you look like your most beautiful or handsome self.”


Next up was the profile on Natasha, the 17-year-old trans kid. He talked about growing up with Conservative, Asian parents and how they are still “working on themselves” to accept him a “little bit more.” He also talked about how he loved to “escape” in his room to play dress up and experiment with makeup. “I haven’t even started hormone therapy yet, and I’m super feminine because it’s all about the mind-set, you know?” He said. 

Natasha seemed to feel the same way as Evan in that he’s not completely comfortable with himself which again speaks to the heartbreak people should feel over these kids believing lies about their identity. Here’s a sad example of Natasha’s delusion:

Cis women don’t get it. They can wake up, have no makeup on, not do their hair, wear the laziest outfit ever, and people will see them as a woman. I have to wake up early to do my hair for two hours, I have to put on makeup, I have to duct-tape my body parts, I have to put on the most hyper-feminine outfit, I have to do all of that to even be perceived as who I am, and even then it’s a risk. Even then people might not believe me.

Perhaps, Natasha, that’s because you aren’t and will never be a woman.

You cannot choose to be a gender on a whim. It’s decided at birth and thats the bottom line. 

The authors emphasized the need for a piece to push what “trans life is like” at this specific moment. “At a time when transgender youths have been targeted by state legislatures across the country, when headlines often highlight the effects of laws that would restrict trans kids from accessing medical care or playing sports or using certain bathrooms, the rest of their lives — the nuanced entirety of their childhoods — can be overshadowed.”

Overall, it’s incredibly obvious that by WaPo has a pro-trans agenda. By giving these two young men the opportunity to share their stories, the outlet is enabling and encouraging a delusion. It’s clear that both Natasha and Evan have mental health struggles and issues that are not solved by identifying as something they’re not.

But the WaPo and the leftist media still wants you to affirm and believe their delusion.