Meadows At Dobbs Celebration: 'Our Heavenly Father Is Saying - 'Well Done'

June 23rd, 2023 11:40 AM

Saturday, June 24 will mark the one year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade. The Conservative Partnership Institute (CPI) hosted an event on Thursday to celebrate the occasion.

The event served to celebrate the progress the pro-life movement has made so far and to encourage people to consider what next steps need to be taken to abandon abortion once and for all. CPI Senior Partner and former Chief of Staff under President Donald Trump Mark Meadows, Rep. Bob Good (R-Va.) and Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) spoke at the event and urged attendees to keep fighting for life. 

After Meadows introduced the guest speakers, Good explained “how critical the issue of life was” and continues to be. Good presented a valid point about how Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), though he seemed unsatisfied with his other work, was able to block the “disastrous Merrick Garland” from the role of the Attorney General for a year.

As we’ve seen time and time again with Garland’s intersection with the abortion debate, he and his accomplices almost always favor the pro-abort side. There’ve been countless attacks on pro-life centers, churches, and life affirming establishments. Many had their windows smashed, some were firebombed, covered in graffiti or worse, yet who is Garland focusing on for arrests? Innocent pro-lifers. 

Good’s remark was that McConnell showed courage in blocking Garland. He also pointed out how the Supreme Court showed courage to overturn a decision that “cost 63 million lives.” Good’s most momentous line was when he presented the hope he has that one day we look at “the same derision and disdain and incredulousness at those who support abortion at those who supported slavery at one time.”

Before concluding his remarks, Good mentioned his work towards legislative action in the fight for life and insisted that he’d continue to “be bold, unashamed and to fight on unapologetically on life.” 

In the time between Good’s remarks and those of Roy, Meadows urged the audience to pray for God’s intervention and to lift up the justices that have faced severe backlash since the Dobbs decision came out.

“When you stand up for righteousness, scripture says you’re going to be persecuted,” Meadows said as an encouragement to the audience, like Goods mentioned, to be “bold” and “unapologetically” in the fight for life.

When it was Roy’s turn to speak, he expressed how “odd” it was to “celebrate life.” He’s right, we live in a barbaric society that lies to people to convince them, or at least get them to believe that abortion - aka murdering babies - is somehow “healthcare” and a “right” or a “need.” It’s crazy to live in a world that has a debate over whose lives are and aren’t valued. But, I digress. 

During his presentation, Roy focused on three points. The first was titled, “Why this matters.” He spoke about a story from a family friend of his, Jenny, who was told to abort her child due to a potential deformity. Roy celebrated the fact that Jenny’s child just celebrated his sixth birthday and suffers zero health complications whatsoever. The left would have and did tell Jenny to kill that child. 

Roy seconded Good's point of being bold. Roy explained that pro-lifers need to have a “willingness to fight.” He mentioned his work getting Harriet Miers to pull from her Supreme Court seat back in 2005 which eventually allowed Samuel Alito to step in. As you may know, Alito wrote the Dobbs decision which changed history as we know it.

“Every little thing you do, if you’re staffers on the hill, if you’re at an organization, every decision you make, every time you do this, don’t think it’s not gonna have consequences 18-years down the line. It will,” Roy said with a nod to the audience to adopt the “make a difference” mentality. 

Roy’s third point was that the pro-life movement needs to “be humble in what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and how we do it.” While he agreed that those in support of life need to be aggressive in terms of legislative action, they also need to come alongside women and children humbly.

“Put your arms around people, help people,” Roy stated. “We have to be humble about what we’re doing. Loud? Fight? I’ll do it all day long, but we have to remember why we’re doing it and do it the right way.” 

Just before the end of the event, Meadows himself teared up thinking about the history that has been made in just this year alone and the history that’s going to continue to be made in this fight for life.

“The fight is not over. Today’s the one year anniversary, but there will be one year old birthday parties..." Meadows said and then paused while many of the attendees let out a sigh indicating Meadows' words cut deep, "...happening all over this country because of the work and dedication of many of you in this room. You may not go to those birthday parties, but they’ll happen just the same. And just know that our heavenly father is saying, ‘well done.’"

There didn’t appear to be a dry eye in the room. The event was an incredible celebration of the lives that have been and will continue to be saved as a result of Roe’s reversal. Let's pray that attendees tell their friends about these encouraging words and tell their friends to tell their friends so that everyone can join the fight for life.