'Queer' Book For Students: Rubbing 'Private Parts' On 'Ankles' & How To Clean Sex Toys

June 8th, 2023 11:04 AM

Some may think that living in the Bible Belt might provide some protection against some radical leftist ideas.

Well, it seems the progressives have infiltrated good 'ole North Carolina. 

During a June 6 school board meeting for the Wake County Public School System that surrounds Raleigh, North Carolina, one mother, Crystal Amanchukwu, addressed the woke agenda in schools. Specifically, she brought up one book that’s permitted in schools called “Queer” which explicitly details sexual acts and other inappropriate content. 

Amanchukwu is the wife of preacher, John Amanchukwu Sr. He’s been outspoken lately about other heinous books and concepts in school districts and spoke at the June 6 hearing as well. His wife read passages from “Queer” and exposed how pro-groomer the district really is. 

Warning: highly explicit content.



Ms. Amanchukwu began her speech expressing her concern about the “priority of academic advancement and our need to invest more resources in the right places and less in the wrong places,” i.e. pornographic content for kids. 

She then turned her attention to the book “Queer,” which is described as “The Ultimate LGBT Guide for Teens," a book is available throughout high schools throughout the Wake County area. 

In the book, explicit descriptions of sex were present. “There are a gazillion ways to have sex,” part of it said, adding, “not all trans guys wear dildos.” The book, yes, again which is marketed towards teens, encouraged readers to get “lots of practice” having sex to figure out which of the sex “rainbow” of choices you prefer. 

Ms. Amanchukwu went on to talk about a section of the book that detailed “genital stimulation.” The authors insisted that there are various ways to execute this including rubbing “your private parts on someones … ankles.” Never heard of grinding someone’s ankle but … OK. 

To take it a step further, she discussed how the book talked about anal sex in great detail. “This can involve penetration with the penis, fingers or a sex toy,” she stated, adding “for care of the sex toy it talks about [how] ‘the anus has lots of bacteria [and] when spread elsewhere can cause problems. If you’re going to use a sex toy for anal penetration, be sure to use one that is silicon, as long as it doesn’t have electrical components. Just boil it for five minutes and run it through the dishwasher.'” 

At this moment you could hear others in the room respond with what sounded like shock and disgust. One man who was in the frame of the video was even spotted shaking his head in disapproval. 

The book also noted that “penetrating the anus with a foreign object like food, can be dangerous.” It didn’t say anal sex with food “IS” dangerous, just that it “can be.”

Ms. Amanchukwu concluded her speech by announcing that the book is not “informational” but rather that it’s “instructional.”

She’s spot on. School districts and systems have a very clear agenda and it’s to start young, with impressionable kids and adolescents, and get them to jump on the bandwagon of wokeness. Public schools don’t want to train students to think for themselves or learn how to function in society. They want to indoctrinate students into believing the lies of the left and this book is a prime example of that. 

We’ll leave you with the final statement of Ms. Amanchukwu’s speech. “Let’s go back to being a school.”