Conservative Clash Over News of New Down Syndrome Barbie Doll

April 27th, 2023 11:20 AM

CAT FIGHT! Nah, just kidding. Even when conservatives fight it’s pretty civil.

Mattel just unveiled its newest Barbie doll: a doll with Down syndrome. Amid the news, numerous conservative figures have provided their take on the inclusive doll with some arguing it was "woke," others called it "pro-life."

Mattel’s global head of Barbie and Dolls Lisa McKnight said that the new design “continues to expand on inclusion in doll play.” 

Now there’s a couple of things to note. For starters, it’s great that Mattel is being inclusive enough to incorporate a doll with a disability that many young Barbie lovers have. If this doll makes children with Down syndrome feel like they’re seen more, then that’s great! Second, the doll shares a pretty big pro-life message. In a world that encourages the murder of innocent children, especially those who have genetic disabilities like Down syndrome, Mattel’s promotion of these challenges shows that their lives matter, too. 

It’s important to recognize, however, that in general, Mattel isn't usually about spreading anything pro-life or conservative at all. In fact, they usually spread quite the opposite message. For example, last year Mattel announced its first transgender Barbie, and the Barbie brand dolls regularly show their support for the gays, lesbos and whatever else is part of the alphabet mafia. 

All that to say, conservatives had some spicy takes when it came to Mattel’s newest release!

Conservative talk show host Steven Crowder sorta poked fun at the move and joked about Mattel making a doll with Sickle-Cell and added that the doll didn’t look “that downsy” and that the slogan could be "[Barbie] now with more retard.” I think Crowder’s intent was trying to make fun of how Mattel always tries to be inclusive (even and especially about woke crap) but his delivery proved to be insensitive. 

Others on Twitter thought the same and were peeved.



You know, despite my distaste with Mattel in the past, having a doll that celebrates life as well as one that helps kids born with specific challenges is a great move and one that celebrates life. Does Mattel also provide dolls that encourage kids to fall into the trap of the LGBTQ mafia? Yes, they sure do. But, this new doll in particular isn’t part of that.