Transgender Woman (Dude) Accepted to Prestigious Royal Academy of Dance

April 11th, 2023 3:47 PM

Gone are the days where only little girls dream of being ballerinas. Now, grown men can pursue dreams of being “female” ballet dancers too. 

Sophie Rebecca, a former IT technician and biological man, was accepted to the prestigious Royal Ballet Academy back in 2017 as the company’s first transgender artist. Recently, amid the transgender firestorm in the world, Rebecca’s story has sparked more controversery. 

According to Reduxx Magazine, the 6ft, 3in Rebecca biological man passed his Royal Academy of Dance Intermediate Foundation ballet exams in 2017 with a Merit and reportedly has performed in the United States professionally ever since. 

Supposedly he once said, “I knew from a young age that I was trapped in the wrong body.” 

Guess what? He still is, according to his standards. 

A number of users called out Rebecca for his unfair advantage and the fact that he really sucks as a ballerina. 

Here he is compared to a young dancer who has far better technique and musicality. 

In this tweet a user points out the obvious. Even if he weren’t transgender, his ballet technique is terrible/non-existent  

Supposedly the transvestite was also featured by Vogue and sponsored by Nike … Must be Dylan Mulvaney’s career role model.  

Here’s a link to his YouTube channel where he’s seen dancing with other (actual) female ballerinas. Check and see if you can spot which one of those things is not like the other.

As an aside, I myself was a professional ballerina for a number of years. The ballet world was and is significantly harder for women. Girls need to begin training at a much younger age in order to keep their bodies lean and flexible. Girls have to wear pointe shoes made of wood, satin, and nails that take years of strength training to master. Girls have to regulate everything they put in their bodies in order to be thin enough to be lifted by the boys but also strong enough to support their entire body weight on two big toes. Typically men are given full scholarships even if they are mediocre dancers whereas the best of the best girls have to fight and compete for maybe a 25% financial scholarship for training institutions. Then, men in general are paid more than women simply because they’re men. 

It’s not only unsafe for this man to be parading as a woman as his body is the shape of a man and isn’t designed for female ballet moves, but its also unfair for the actual women who’ve worked their whole lives to get to even the most minimal of roles or positions. Rebecca did none of that.

Not to mention the fact that he’s getting all this special attention and treatment simply because he’s pretending to be a woman. 

This is disturbing and, frankly, insulting.