Mom Sues School Board For Secretly Helping Child Transition

April 10th, 2023 4:12 PM

A worried mother from Maine is suing her local school board for keeping her child’s “transgender” identity a secret from her. For a decision of such consequence, the mother felt she should have been included. 

Amber Lavigne, supposedly found a chest binder in her 13-year-old daughter’s belongings in December. Later she found out that her child’s school social worker provided the young teen the chest binder in October and that she was “counseling her about transitioning genders,” as The Federalist put it. 

The school counselor told the confused child that she would not need to tell her parents about the transition, which encouraged the child not only to continue pursuing a transgender lifestyle but also to keep secrets from her mother. 

Here’s what Ms. Lavigne said in a statement, “This was no accident: my daughter’s public school counselor deliberately tried to keep me in the dark, encouraging my daughter’s gender transition and encouraging her to hide it from me. When school officials found out, they actually defended the counselor’s actions, trampling on my constitutional rights at every turn. I deserve to know what’s happening to my child — the secrecy needs to stop.”

Lavigne is rightfully suing the school board she feels infringed on her Fourteenth Amendment “right of parents to control and direct the care, custody, education, upbringing, and healthcare decisions, etc., of their children,” as listed in the lawsuit. 

The Goldwater Institute is assisting Lavigne in the suit and has had numerous cases of the sort as of late. It’s staff attorney said, “The Supreme Court has repeatedly held, over the last century, that parents have a fundamental right to control and direct the education, upbringing, and healthcare decisions of their children, but parents cannot meaningfully exercise this right if public schools hide vital information about their children from them — which is exactly what the Great Salt Bay Community School did to Ms. Lavigne.”

Schools and so-called “trusted adults” have been on the prowl for vulnerable young kids and teens so that they may imprint their indoctrination methods and facilitate and army of LGBTQ people. The amount of groomers in schools these days are too many to count and the school where Ms. Lavigne’s innocent daughter attended is no exception.