Faith Month Vs. Pride Month - Concerned Women For America Fight With Conviction

March 27th, 2023 3:11 PM

In June of every year, the nation goes full-on rainbow for so-called “pride month.”

It's essentially a plethora of rainbow and pride colored propaganda spewed across the country in support of LGBTQ+ groups, when alphabet mafia takes over the entire month to spread their gayness on everything good in the world.

While progressives get the month of June to parade in rainbow memorabilia, Christians and others whose views don’t align with the pride agenda are left dealing with it. As a counter to the obvious anti-Christian bias in the media and in our nation as a whole, the Concerned Women for America (CWA) group launched what they've dubbed a Faith Month for the month of April as a chance for Christians to show how proud they are of their faith.

MRCTV exclusively sat down with CWA CEO and President Penny Nance to talk about the Faith Month Initiative. 

Nance pointed to the dwindling percentage of religious people in the United States, saying Faith Month is a way to spark a conversation with neighbors. Nance encouraged viewers that Faith Month wasn’t set up to force people into Christianity, but rather encourage them to practice their First Amendment right of free speech by declaring whatever values they possess confidently. And if the leftist gay crowd can do it, why can't we? 

Nance also commented on how unfair it is that pro-LGBTQ views are celebrated in children’s schools, in the media, and in corporate America, but that Christian views are targeted and branded as bigoted and hateful. 

Faith Month is CWA’s effort to change that, or at least to level the playing field amid America's left-wing crisis.