Daughter ‘Left The Cult’ of Trans People, Mother Sues Against Pro-Trans Aggressors

March 22nd, 2023 1:54 PM

Illinois mother, Brette Smith, filed a Title IX lawsuit after one of her Twitter posts went viral resulting in her and her 16-year-old daughter being “doxed” and “threatened.” The lawsuit attacks the child’s high school who enabled ample bullying and threats according to CatholicVote.

Smith, a former Democrat posted the tweet back in September 2022 explaining that her daughter Anna, was embracing her actual, biological identity as a female. Her words included that she’d “left the cult” of the delusional sense of self identity. Praise God!

The teen was also wearing a shirt that said “woman” with a definition as “adult human female” to further drive home the point that she was identifying as who she really was all along, a female.

While I sit here proud of Ms. Smith who recognized that the “gender-affirming” path she was helping her daughter down was a harmful, manipulation machine, others, aka the trans mob, blasted the family for their decision. 

It’s funny how supportive the left is when you go along with their point of view but how quickly they flip the switch and attack people who stray away. 

Smith followed up her initial thread with two subsequent tweets at the time:

Crazy how many people are mad I didn’t let my daughter go down a path toward mutilation. Maybe if studies showed transition actually improved mental health, I’d consider it, but a lot of you are proving that living your trans life didn’t make you any less of a miserable person.

Weird, many of you are claiming I abused my child by questioning her trans identity, yet you’re also referring to her as “she” “her” and “daughter”. It’s almost like you don’t care about my child as much as I do, or her identity, you’re just miserable, pathetic people. Stay mad.

That post has been retweeted more than 18,000 time and as CatholicVote put it, “set off a firestorm of criticism and threats against both mother and daughter” not only on Twitter but through a Child Protective Services report and at Anna’s school as well. These threats have escalated to the point where the teen hasn’t attended school since early February. Brette has set up a fundraising page to help with the costs of  the lawsuit.

The lawsuit, against Anna's high school seeks to protect Anna and other children who may go through similar experiences. “This is perhaps the first Title IX case of its kind — with supporting evidence that my child is being bullied by trans- and gender-divergent students on the basis of her desistance from a trans identity,” Smith wrote. 

Hell hath no fury like a tolerant and inclusive type faced with dissent.

Anna and Brette made the right decision. Time will tell what happens with the lawsuit, if anything. In the meantime, Anna has some advice for kids who question their gender identity:

It’s okay to be a feminine boy or a masculine girl. That doesn’t make you trans. Being a girl and liking boyish things doesn’t make you a boy – that’s just sexist stereotypes. You can be a woman who likes sports. You can be a woman who likes makeup and dresses. There are so many possibilities and I think it’s good to get my story out there to let people know that so they don’t go down the same path I did with all the gender stuff.