Singalong! ‘All White People Are Racist,’ She’s Really a Man & Racist Band-Aids

March 15th, 2023 12:41 PM

Welcome to our newest MRCTV show, Woke of the Weak, The show where we let crazy lefties speak for themselves!

This week they talked primarily about race and the growing trend to identify all white people as racist simply because they’re white. Unironically a mixed girl delivered that message and said if white people didn’t spend their “literal entire life dismantling racism,” then they’re “contributing to it’s continuation."

Luckily a black man shut down her baseless claims just before another chick uttered the same idiocy in the form of a song. Bottom line is she sucked at intelligence and at singing. 

We also heard from a teacher who complained about how hard it is to find brown colored band-aids for her students. Hate to break it to ya lady but, kids like band-aids with Minnie Mouse or Baby Yoda ... the plain ones are boring!

Finally, we had to mention the biological man that won an award from Jill Biden for International Women's Day. 

All these people just want attention!



That’s what’s up this week in the woke world of the WEAK left!