Slow Burn: Britons At Risk Of $300 Fine For Burning Firewood Amid Energy Crunch

February 8th, 2023 2:47 PM

So much for the sanctity of an Englishman's hearth and home.

UK Government Officials cracked down on their energy conservation measures. Now, if people burn firewood in their homes, they’ll face a $300 fine and possible criminal charges. 

Essentially, the use of wood-fire stoves has grown exponentially in the last few years in the UK. Breitbart reported that the crisis began around ten years ago when the Conservative Party-led governments began implementing “globalist green agenda policies” while rejecting the “nation’s more reliable natural resources such as natural gas.” 

People who do not use wood-fire stoves that meet state standards on air pollution risk being fined £175 to £300 or about $188 -$322. To take things a step further, local councils could also issue criminal prosecutions that would tarnish the permanent criminal records of people who continually “breach the codes” aka, use wood to heat their homes.

The issue is that British households have faced extreme price rises for electricity. In the past year alone, there’s been a 65.4 percent rise in electricity prices and a 128.9 percent rise in natural gas prices. Of COURSE people are trying to use wood-fire stoves to heat their homes. These price rises are astronomical!

Yet climate activists don’t seem to care one bit. As a matter of fact, ClientEarth, a green charity campaign group, even suggested to ban burning wood in domestic settings entirely. Its spokesperson, Andrea Lea said, “Pollution from wood-burning is a growing source of fine particulate matter pollution in some areas, which is a serious threat to people’s health.” 

How the heck are people supposed to stay warm?

This is like when Biden and AOC tried to take away our gas stoves!

As a cherry on the top to this whole debacle, banning wood burning stoves most likely won’t do much to curb air pollution. A report from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) pointed out that wood-burning stoves cause only 17 percent of emissions. So this really is just another virtue signaling and frivolous rule that will do a whole lot of nothing.