Ex-Prisoner ‘Shaking With Fear’ Over Transgender Females In Women’s Prison

January 30th, 2023 12:00 PM

I hate to say we told you this was going to happen but, we told you this was going to happen. 

Ex-prisoner Amanda Benson revealed she was terrified of being raped by violent transgender females during her time behind bars. 

Benson was locked up with two different biological men claiming to be women. One was convicted of murder and the other was for domestic violence. Benson accused the pro-trans prime minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, of “serving up women to predators on a rainbow platter,” in jails, according to Daily Record.

Benson also told the Daily Record the following:

These incredibly violent men were walking around the communal shower area naked and sometimes clearly aroused. Myself and other women were in cubicles with only a curtain to protect us.

I was shaking with fear. In the end I went to the prison clinic and had a coil fitted because I believed I could be raped at any time. I didn’t want one, I felt forced to do it.

Benson felt the need to get a birth control coil fitted while in prison due to her justified fear of the violent, male predators that had full access to her and the other (actual) women in the prison. Not to mention, Benson also pointed out that neither of her transgender co-inhabitants appeared to be women. They dressed, looked and sounded like men yet were claiming to be female. 

The ex-prisoner said she felt “total panic” and “a wave of fear crashing over” her when she found out she’d be sharing spaces with the men … spaces including the communal shower block where she’d be forced to shower naked in front of violent, "aroused" men. 

Benson’s story comes as a transgender female, Isla Bryson, formerly known as Adam Graham who raped two women, was has been to jail-time in a woman's prison.  

In regards to the backlash Sturgeon, the prime minister stood by her stance that trans women are women (despite the fact that they literally aren’t). Sturgeon’s justice secretary said, “If somebody presents as a trans person, then we accept that at face value.”

What if they present as innocent? Will they be accepted at “face value?”