‘Teacher’ Seeks Advice From TikTockers About How To Tell His Class He’s Trans

December 21st, 2022 12:56 PM

My sister is a teacher and I can assure you she, like most normal teachers, has never been stressed about telling her students her gender. 

In a recently viral video a teacher expressed his (I think) worries and anxiety about alerting his class that he’s transgender. The teacher sought advice from his TikTok followers on how to address questions of confused children in his class. 

“Hey TikTok, I need your help with something and it’s really important to me and its gonna be a big deal, '' he started. Keep in mind he’s got shoulder length hair, painted fingernails and a pink t-shirt on. 

Right off the bat, it's important to note that this video is just another example of how much people like this put themselves on a pedestal. They think they should have special treatment due to their “struggles” as they often call it for being trans which, mind you, is something they did to themselves. 

“I’m coming out at work as trans to … *dramatic pause … everyone, including all my students who, I’ve known some of them for a couple years now,” he added. 

“I’m gonna ask them to start calling me Ms. Ella and to use the proper pronouns. Funny part is, in his cover, he spelt “advice” as “advise.” Maybe teachers and be dumb now.

Then he proceeded to ask for advice on what to say / how to answer their questions. And the comments made this situation even worse. 

“Omg honey yr gonna be great im so excited for you💕  kids tht age are rly innocent,” one said. Yeah, thats the thing. Kids ARE innocent and we should keep it that way!

One suggested “be honest” and that they “wish [him] the best.” If he were honest, like actually honest, he wouldn’t be trying to lie to kids about who he actually is … a man! 

Another user said “kids absorb information like candy, be honest. These are the moments they remember for the rest of their lives.” OK groomer!

Kids are not little pawns in a scheme to help you validate your feelings, emotions or gender identity. This teacher needs a reality check and to have his teaching license revoked. 

Here's my advice for you to come out to your kids ... DON'T!