Infant Baby Burned To Death In Phoenix Homeless Camp

November 14th, 2022 5:01 PM

This is an “absolutely horrific scene.”

Amid a culture of society who devalues human life, reports of a newborn baby found burned and dead concocted “heartbreaking” reactions. 

The child was found in at 1 a.m. downtown Phoenix, AZ near one of the largest homeless encampment sites in the area nicknamed “The Zone.” The child was reportedly 20-24 weeks gestation and was found in the middle of the road. 

The baby was left near a dumpster at the encampment where over 1000 un-homed individuals live. The child was at an age where he or she could have survived outside the womb yet was not only abandoned but also burned to death. 

The Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s Office will conduct an examination to determine the cause of death, Fox News said but it is likely that fire is what killed the baby.

A neighbor, Joel Coplin, who lives in an area overlooking where the child died called the situation “utterly horrific” and hard to comprehend. 

Coplin’s neighbor claims that he saw somebody lighting something on fire and went with his fiancé to put it out. Just as he’d started to stomp on the fire to put it out, he noticed it was a human baby and called 911.

“He saw the head, a perfectly shaped head and little arms. They thought it was a doll at first,” Coplin said. 

Others arrived trying to put out the fire before realizing what it was  - moments before - a living, breathing human being. 

Coplin told 12 News that “Something must be done so another life, no matter its age, isn’t lost.”

Coplin’s rather pro-life stance is refershing in a culture of life that values baby deaths over their lives. I mean, even the anchors who covered the story only called the child a “baby” a handful of times while mostly referring to the child by the term “fetus.” 

This is the heartbreaking reality of the climate that our nation has for life.

Babies have become worthless pieces of flesh that are simply disposed of and their lives are given no value. 

As Coplin said, “It's unconscionable.”