Media Silence: 7th-Grade Boy Masturbates In Class, Superintendent Deems It Normal

October 13th, 2022 4:10 PM

I’m sorry but .. wtf?!

Back in May of this year, a 7th-grade boy was caught masturbating in front of his classmates. Carrie Burgert, mother of one of the victims who witnessed the disgusting event, explained the trauma her daughter experienced at the Conejo Valley Unified School District last month. The media couldn’t care less. 

The clip hasn’t been picked up or even mentioned by any of the major news networks which just goes to show how the leftist elites who run these outlets want to keep this story and stories like it on the down low.



“On May 17 my 7th-grade daughter along with every other classmate watched a boy in her class masturbate,” Burgert began. She also said that her daughter and her friends felt “disturbed, traumatized, and scared.” 

Burgert said that the principal reported the incident to the district office but Burgert had yet to hear about any updates or investigation whatsoever. 

Burgert blamed the approved curriculum of the school district for the incident and called both her daughter and the boy who was masturbating the victim. 

Numerous reports indicate that the Conejo Valley Unified School District has pushed inappropriate content to its students, The Daily Wire indicated. Burgert also indicated that the 7th-grade curriculum includes lessons on “oral and anal sex."

So, to no surprise, the school district is effed up. But what’s even more screwed up is that when confronted about what happened with Ms. Burgert's daughter and her masturbating classmate, Superintendent Mark McLaughlin called the behavior normal. 

He claimed:

I don’t think any of you would want us up here chatting about an issue that took place with your child. When we talk about masturbation, [it] could be rubbing of their jeans with their hand outside of their pants, [it] doesn’t necessarily need to be inside. As someone who’s been an elementary and middle school principal I would say that, at least once a year, this comes up from both males and females within a school setting. And so, I don’t think this is anything outside the norm.

Thankfully, as you probably heard in the video, parents were outraged at this insensitive and defensive comment. 

While this story is wack and honestly rather sad, what’s even more absurd is how the media hasn’t covered it whatsoever. It was like pulling teeth to even find an article about the incident, never mind footage of the board meeting itself. The media’s lack of coverage for events and situations like this isn’t rare and if said events are covered, the people who are against neurotic behavior as a result of school district curriculums are painted as the villains. 

Look at what happened in Loudoun County, VA when a father stood up about his daughter being raped by a “transgender girl” aka a biological boy. The father was arrested.

The left wants to allow crazy things like this to happen. School boards are facilitating and encouraging kids to think more about what's in their pants and how to use it than about actual academic topics and the media is helping them.