Richmond Schools Reject Youngkin's Policy For Parental Voice In Education

October 5th, 2022 9:22 AM

Richmond, VA hates its kids.

In mid-September, Governor Glenn Youngkin released Virginia’s revised Model Policy in order to give parents a say in what goes on in school classrooms. On Monday October 3, Richmond school district rejected Youngkin's restrictions. The move proved that the city would prefer to indoctrinate kids and encourage a delusional sense of self-identity in secret rather welcome parental involvement on such matters.

When Youngkin released his model policy on Sep. 16, his goal was to generate a transparent environment for parents to be more informed about what goes on in their children’s schools. More specifically, the policy indicated that parents need to be in the know if their child is attempting to identify as a gender other than the one they were assigned at birth. Going further, the policy notes that parents should know about what names, nicknames, and pronouns are being used if they differ from the child’s sex or given name. 

This shouldn't have been something that people complained about. It should be standard for parents to know what is going on in schools that are funded by said tax-paying and concerned moms and dads. But, lefties in Richmond disagreed. 

Not only did the Richmond School board reject Youngkin's policy but it also passed its own, according to Newsweek.

Transgender students deserve to learn and thrive in an environment free of bullying, intimidation, and fear. Therefore, be it resolved that the Richmond City Public School Board rejects Governor Youngkin's model policies and affirms its commitment to providing protections for all students regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

In other words, Richmond would prefer to keep validating a delusional sense of identity to its students as well as keep such weighty topics away from the very people who birthed and raised said students. 

Seems logical.

Newsweek indicated that the new proposal was introduced by board member Liz Doerr and passed 8-1. 

Superintendent Jack Karmas “strongly” endorsed Doerr’s resolution. 

Two peas in a pod. 

Last week there was also pushback against Youngkin’s overhaul. 

Students across 100 different VA schools signed up for “walkouts” in protest over Youngkin’s resolution. 

Thankfully, Youngkin doesn’t plan to back off of his child and family focused model policy. One of his spokespeople, Macaulay Porter told Newsweek: 

Children belong to families not bureaucrats and school board members. Virginians spoke clearly last year and they continue to say that parents matter. Parents deserve to be involved in all critical discussions about their children. School Boards should bring them into the conversation, not cut them out of it.

Amen to that!