Pregnant Comedian Kicks Off Peacock Series With ‘Killer Abortion Jokes’

September 28th, 2022 1:47 PM

“I feel guilty, not getting an abortion when I still had the chance.”

Peacock’s Ladykiller series is set to debut on September 30. The series is a comedy special where comedian Jena Friedman will talk about “marriage, motherhood, and murder” with a strong emphasis on the pro-abort narrative. 

The trailer alone gave a great indicator on not only the views of Friedman but of the kind of content Peacock features on its platform. 

The first line of the 80 second trailer starts with Freidman’s utter support of abortion: “I feel guilty, not getting an abortion when I still had the chance,” she spoke to her audience. 

“Sorry,” she added while turning to expose her very pregnant belly and then continuing “while we still had the chance.” Her sarcasm on that last “joke” was deafening. 

The audience erupted into laughter at her insistence that there was a “we” due to the fact that she was pregnant. I presume they’re all in support of dehumanizing unborn children in order to justify their radical pro-death views. 

“It feels like I’m passing up free tickets to the Rolling Stones. They might not be around in a month,” she persisted. 

Great, now getting an abortion is equated to snagging tickets to the endangered species that is the Rolling Stones. Glad to know that the life of a child is placed at the same significance as concert tickets. 

Friedman doesn’t stop there (remember this is just the 80 second trailer and I presume much, much worse things are said in the actual series).

“For 50 years, both abortions and Mick Jagger have been servicing women,” she went on. 

OK that one was low-key funny but only because abortions and Mick Jagger are both horrible dis-services to women. 

Her last line (for now) pressed on the “pro-choice” narrative:

I know abortion is a sensitive topic and if anything I say makes you uncomfortable, feel free to leave. I would never dare force you to do anything against your will.

The crowd, yet again loved that joke as they presumably seem to think that abortion bans are ways to “control” women “against their will” … in reality, abortion bans have one goal: stop the inhumane, unjust, unnecessary murder of innocent human babies. 

Unfortunately, Freidman wasn’t overdramatizing her talking points for the entertainment aspect. In a statement following filming Ladykiller, Freidmen said that the show “made me really appreciate having a platform where I could talk about some of the things I have been losing sleep over since Roe was overturned, and to do so particularly before the midterms.” 

Great, so she really is just a horrible human. 

Ladies and gents, use this as your warning to NOT watch Ladykiller.