Dr. Phil Gets Schooled By Pro-Life Leader Lila Rose

September 14th, 2022 4:20 PM

On Monday, Dr. Phil presented Live Action founder and pro-life activist Lila Rose on his show to talk about the abortion, the value of unborn human life, and the aim of the pro-life movement.

Dr. Phil also hosted "pro-choicers" to discuss their position. During the episode, the parties went back and forth debating their views on the sanctity of life - or the lack thereof, for the left-leaning folks.

Not surprisingly, the entire episode catered to the pro-death side of the debate, constructed to make Rose look bad. Luckily, Rose’s defense for life completely trumped every argument.



Dr. Phil started with a blatant lie: “No one here is pro-death. No one here is pro-abortion.”

But, Dr. Phil, if you support the “choice” for women to terminate the life of an innocent child, then you do support abortion, and abortion is murder. Therefore, the “pro-choice” narrative is by definition pro-death. 

Dr. Phil then tried to argue with Rose that science doesn’t support the idea that life begins at conception.

“There’s no consensus among the scientific community that life begins at conception,” Dr. Phil started.

“There is, Dr. Phil,” Rose interjected. “Ninety-six percent of scientists say that life begins at fertilization. If you’re an in vitro specialist, you’re looking to create a single cell embryo and then you know you have a new human life. So, it is a scientific fact.”

She later added, “But Dr. Phil, if it’s not a human life, why do you have to kill it?”

Dr. Phil ignored everything Rose said to continue pushing the script his writers concocted. 

“There is not a consensus among the scientific community,” regarding when life begins, Dr. Phil persisted.  

Another false statement.

Rose again cited the well-documented statistic that “96% of liberal, pro-choice and non-religious biologists agree,” that life begins at fertilization, pulled from a survey titled, “Brief of Biologists as Amici Curiae in Support of Neither Party” submitted before the Dobbs ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade.  Even still, Dr. Phil argued against her statement each time. 

One “pro-choice” guest, President of the National Organization for Women Christian Nune, argued that everyone can choose when they think life begins. With her logic, a woman who is 8 months and 30 days pregnant could decide that her child’s life hasn’t yet begun, and terminate her pregnancy. That certainly sounds “pro-death” to me.

“The abortion position, the position of N.O.W, your organization, is abortion up until the moment of birth for any reason," Rose argued. "It’s an extreme, extraordinary position, and that's built on this idea of dehumanizing the child in the womb.”

The N.O.W representative “corrected” Rose by saying “Our position is to keep abortion legal.” When Rose questioned her by asking, “Through all nine months?” the rep. simply repeated herself in order to dodge her stance of supporting abortion up to birth. 

Dr. Phil also brought in the story of a woman who was “forced” to carry a pregnancy when there was a low chance of survival for her child. 

Low chance is not no chance, and Rose suggested that the child should be allowed to die naturally and humanely instead of pulled apart by the “abortionists tools.”

This led to Dr. Phil opening up the floor for audience participation, with one angry Karen screamed that Rose’s views “want to legislate evil.” 

“There is nothing you could possibly say to justify that level of lack of empathy,” the audience member touted while raising her volume and pep in order to gain audience applause. 

Rose presented the pro-life position with truth and reason. 

I want to address that because our fundamental right that we all share in this room is life. It’s the first human right. Laws are meant to protect the week, in a society who’s the weakest? Who’s the weakest in society? A child. They don’t have a voice.

Whether you live 10 minutes or 10 years, or 100 years, you’re a human life, and you have the right not to be killed.

Dr. Phil tried to set Rose up for failure. He invited five pro-death activists to sit with him, along with an audience that seemed almost unanimously to support abortion as well. All the while, Rose sat alone and defended life with grace and clarity, despite being bombarded by shouts and screams to which she was never allowed to respond.

It’s a shame that Dr. Phil even classified this as a discussion, as he clearly had an agenda. Kudos to Rose for standing firm in the fight for life.