Jezebel's Solution To Domestic Abuse? ABORTION

July 15th, 2022 5:22 PM

Apparently more and more pregnant women are going to die now that Roe is overturned … and not just from abortions. 

Women who are forced to stay pregnant and not murder their innocent children are at a higher risk of getting murdered as well now that Roe is overturned, according to Jezebel’s June 14 piece. 

Last week a Missouri man reportedly murdered his wife after a “heated argument about his affair with another woman.” The man’s wife was supposedly six weeks pregnant and used her phone to search “what to do if your husband is upset you are pregnant,” according to police. 

Jezebel pointed out that the woman’s pregnancy was a “risk” and was the cause for her murder. The outlet suggested that perhaps if she weren’t pregnant, her husband wouldn’t have killed her. This was Jezebels attempt to advocate for abortion rights. 

The more pressing concern, experts and advocates say, is that women and pregnant people in the U.S. will die from homicide, the physical toll of pregnancy, and being denied emergency care in hospitals — the factors that were already killing pregnant people, only now, more people will be forced to stay pregnant.

Some wacko named Verma told Jezebel that she's done abortions for people in abusive relationships and was rather boastful about her accomplishment. 

I don’t think that abusers should go without severe punishment, but I also don’t think the solution to an abuser is to end the life of an innocent child. This lady’s husband was psycho and it is a tragedy that she and her unborn baby died. The solution to death is not more death. 

Things like this are unfortunately going to keep happening but not because of abortion bans but because some people are unable or unwilling to acknowledge that all life has intrinsic value. 

When society indicates that not all life is valued, some life inevitably becomes disposable. Every second that abortion is still legal contributes to this mindset. 

Why would it matter if a pregnant woman is killed if it doesn’t matter if her baby is? 

That’s the vile attitude that many possess and that’s why people are subject to domestic abuse. Ending abortion isn't going to stop psychos from killing.