Rejoicing & Rancor Outside SCOTUS Post Roe

June 27th, 2022 12:08 PM


Friday June 24 will be a day marked in history as the day the U.S. Supreme Court took the first step in the ongoing fight for all life. 

At 10:11 a.m. SCOTUSBlog released the decision to overturn Roe v Wade and eliminate the constitutional right to abortion. When the decision was read in front of the Court building in Washington D.C., pro-life counter-protestors cheered with delight. The abortion activists however, broke out every swear in the book, sobbed, and threw rage filled temper tantrums. 

The MRCTV team visited SCOTUS for the momentous event and captured the reactions of civilians. 

The abortion activists carried vile signs including ones that said “Off With Their D**KS,” “I Am A Vagina Voter,” and  “Pro-Life Is A Lie, They Don’t Care If People Die,” among others. We talked to a few pro-aborts who claimed that women had a “right” to abort. These were true believers, beyond discussion of science, morality or law.

Abortion Activists encouraged others to “take to the streets” and “fight” during the so-called “Night of Rage” to show disapproval of the Court’s decision. Pro-Lifers including Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX), condemned the violent protests against the ruling.

I interviewed one pro-life advocate who brought up great points regarding life and its sanctity. During our conversation an abortion activist interrupted with rage and cussing. It was quite entertaining. 

Check it out above.