‘Money Talks & Bulls**t Walks’: Fran Drescher SAG Awards Speech on Money and State-Level Politics

February 27th, 2023 8:08 AM

The 29th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards aired live on Netflix’s YouTube channel on Sunday night, and the speakers mostly focused on acting instead of politics, a stark contrast to previous years –– with the notable exception of SAG-AFTRA president Fran Drescher who used part of her time on stage to encourage Hollywood to get more involved in state-level politics.     

So what exactly is her plan? 

Well, she wants Hollywood to use production dollars like a carrot on a stick to get governors to support their preferred policies. 

In other words, threaten Republican governors who don’t cave to the liberal agenda with boycotts. 


Fran Drescher: SAG -AFTRA and the NFLPA together forged Actors & Athletes for Democracy. We are the greatest influencers on the planet and must promote freedom for all. Our industry brings billions of production dollars to states across the nation, but if they want our business, let’s wield our financial influence to make governors act in the best interest of freedom, diversity, inclusion and democracy. As my character Bobbi Flekman said in This Is Spinal Tap, “Money talks, & bullshit walks!” 

Freedom, diversity, inclusion and democracy are all good things, but when leftists use these words, it's typically code for more government, more regulations, stricter gun laws, abortion up to the moment of birth, the list goes on. 

And this clearly wasn't an original thought, as Hollywood has already threatened red states over legislation that didn't align with the liberal agenda. For example, the threats from movie producers to boycott Georgia over a pro-life law back in 2019. 

Liberal movie producers started fleeing California to red states many years ago for lucrative tax breaks, lower costs of living, more affordable studio spaces and less regulations, among other things.  

Drescher also went on to boast about SAG-AFTRA & MPA's 'Green Council' and their "biggest effort to save the planet since WWII" –– which apparently is just an honor system to stop using disposable plastics during movie shoots. 

Fran Drescher: I’m very proud to say SAG-AFTRA and MPA has forged Green Council, the biggest joint effort of Stars and Studios to save the planet since World War II. Mission number one, an honor system to eliminate single use plastic on camera, behind the scenes and leverage star power to challenge audiences around the world to do the same.

You may notice this year on your tables are glass bottles.  

Not sure why Drescher would flex about the use of glass bottles at the event, considering glass bottles have a larger environmental impact than plastic according to the Journal of Waste Resources and Reprocessing, as well as several other environmental researchers. 

In fact, most glass ends up in landfills. According to HowStuffWorks, only a quarter of glass in the U.S. is recycled. Oof. 

Anywho, the awards show had a surprising lack of opinions on U.S. politics during this 2-plus hour show –– which is interesting considering how much Hollywood had to say when Donald Trump was president. 

As you may remember, when it came Trump’s presidency, clueless celebrities typically had something negative to say whenever they were given a platform to do it. 

President Joe Biden was mentioned exactly zero times. 

Funny how silent Hollywood is now, despite the amount of challenges our country is facing under his administration.