Hollywood Transfixed by Comey Hearing

June 8th, 2017 3:32 PM

Ever since former FBI director James Comey became inextricably linked with the 2016 election, celebrities have been spellbound by him. They’ve loved, hated, sympathized with and berated him. But during the congressional hearings that took place Thursday morning, nearly all were on Comey’s side.

Before the hearings were even under way, Chelsea Handler had tweeted with usual biting sarcasm: “Trump announced his new FBI director via Twitter. Can’t wait for him to announce his impeachment via snapchat #peachfilter.”

Pundit Dan Savage expressed similar hopes of the president’s ouster. “Heading up a mountain on overnight hike planned before #Comeypalooza scheduled,” he wrote. “Hoping Trump is impeached & it’s all over before I get back.”

Others watched with satisfied captivation as the hearings proceeded.

Singer Mandy Moore tweeted that the questioning was “utterly fascinating,” while Actress Mia Farrow simply commented: “This whole thing WOW.”

Twenty-two-year-old singer Lorde was even transfixed. “Only in 2017 would one be launching a tour and watching comey testify at the same time,” she wrote.

When Comey began to give his testimony, Star Trek actor George Takei noted that it was “absolutely devastating” to Trump.

Director Morgan J. Freeman (not to be confused with Morgan Freeman), added: “Think I smell the odor of presidential abuse.”

Captain America actor Chris Evans was eager for the president to weigh in. “I’ve never wanted Trump to tweet so badly in my entire life,” he penned. “Pick your phone up! Do it!! DO IT!!!”

“Trump’s intent to endeavor to obstruct justice drips everywhere,” Takei continued. “Can you imagine Trump testifying under oath? How many counts of perjury would there be within the first hour alone?”

“Obstruction or not, any person who thinks the Trump presidency can ride out and survive this storm,” Ellen executive producer Andy Lassner added, “is straight up delusional.”

Many celebs tweeted about the former FBI Director’s comment, “Lordy, I hope there are tapes,” which he made in response to questioning from Sen. Barbara Feinstein (D-CA). President Trump had earlier mentioned that there were tapes of the meeting between himself and Comey.

“In other words,” Lassner translated, “Comey to Trump: ‘Bring it, bitch.’”

“I need ‘Lordy, I hope there are tapes’ on a t-shirt,” Evans added.

While several stars commented about Sen. McCain, whom they found to be incoherent during his questioning, MRC Culture did not see any who tweeted about Comey’s suspicion that former attorney general Loretta Lynch might have favored the Clintons.

Actor Josh Gad weighed in with a comment all could agree with: “Based on today’s hearing and the way both parties are handling it we are now living in two different realities,” he wrote.

That's certainly true, but unfortunately it’s been that way for a while now.