Comedian on ‘The View’: PC People Do Not Have ‘Right to Bully’

August 7th, 2015 9:17 AM

Liberal radio host and comedian D.L. Hughley got refreshingly frank on Thursday’s session of The View.

After the ESPYs, the politically incorrect funnyman received backlash when he drew a comparison between Bruce Jenner and Mrs. Doubtfire. Hughley expressed indignation that people thought Jenner looked beautiful, while tennis star Serena Williams looked like a man.

On The View, Hughley discussed how the media had asked him: “Did you think Caitlyn Jenner was beautiful?” To which Hughley responded: “No, I did not.”

“Let me tell you something, when I see Serena I want to have sex with her,” the comedian bluntly stated. “When I see Caitlyn Jenner, I hope we don’t get into a fight.” The audience went wild, while the co-hosts looked embarrassed and amused.

Michelle Collins jumped in: “You actually, you compared Caitlyn to Mrs. Doubtfire. That’s like, that’s what really got you into hot water.”

Hughley responded, “Well, she does look like Mrs. Doubtfire!”

When Collins asked Hughley if he had any regrets about his statement, the comedian responded in the negative.

“There’s a truth we all know and pretend like we don’t,” he said. “I was not attacking transgender people at all, my assessment was about a person … He’s 65 years old, he made a change he wanted to make. The average American male lives to be 72—”

Collins cut in, “It’s ‘she,’ you have to say ‘she’ now, I’m helping.”

Hughley seemed a bit annoyed. “Caitlyn made that change at 65. Some people think that's brave. I think something with seven years of life left is a bucket list. There's a certain amount of bravery to it, but don't tell me I'm assaulting you because I don't see the world the way you do.”

“I can see the world the way I do and not the way you see it, but no one has the right to bully you into seeing the way you want to see it.” 

Well said, Mr. Hughley. Keep up the fight against political correctness.