Conan: Planned Parenthood Exists Because of People Like Trump and Cruz

August 5th, 2015 10:51 AM

As everyone knows, white conservative presidential candidates are the reason that Planned Parenthood exists. Wait, what?

On Tuesday’s Conan show, the host declared: “Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are teaming up to defund Planned Parenthood. Yeah. Experts believe it could backfire since people like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are the reason there is a Planned Parenthood. That's the only problem.” 

The crowd received the idiotic quip with laughter and copious applause. Whether they actually stopped to reflect on the accuracy of Conan’s ridiculous statement is another story.

Like all the late night guys, Conan O’Brien makes a good chunk of his living making irrational jabs at conservatives. In May, he smeared Ben Carson as the “only African American who wants to go back to the way things were 200 years ago.” In June, he targeted evangelical groups, saying that they “are starting to take a second look at the Bible’s stance on gay people … noting that if you count Joseph and God, Jesus had two daddies.”

 Yet, as Conan is another good, funny lib, he gets a pass … every time.