Shocking: Illinois Expands Abortion Access To Minors

June 2nd, 2022 11:45 AM

Gone are the days of the liberal defense “safe, legal, and rare;” here comes abortion expansion for minors. No longer will scared, pregnant teens in Illinois go to their families for help. Instead, they will have the ability the murder their child without parental notification. 

With the future of Roe v. Wade still uncertain, the left is doing everything to protect their beloved sacrament of abortion. On June 1, Illinois expanded abortion access with HB370- the Young Health and Safety Act, which repealed the Parental Notice of Abortion Act and will allow underage children to get abortions without first notifying their parents or legal guardians. The left argues that this measure will get young people out of harmful situations … by, of course, putting them in even more harmful situations. 

Leftist group American Civil Liberties Union is applauding the decision.

“Prior to today, pregnant young people could make any medical decision without barriers except abortion. Now thankfully they have the same right to make a confident decision about their health care as everyone else,” said Emily Werth, staff attorney at the ACLU of Illinois. “Today abortion is treated just like all other forms of health care in this state.” 

Of course, the ACLU wants its readers to believe abortion is the same procedure as getting blood drawn. 

“During the nearly nine years the harmful law was in effect, we helped more than 625 young people get the court approval they unfortunately needed to have an abortion. Only one of our client’s judicial bypass waiver requests was ever denied by a judge. All people, regardless of their age, know what decision is best for them. And everyone should have the right to decide for themselves,” Werth added. 

By this logic, three-year-olds know what's best for them when they want to stay up late eating Oreos all night. Forget talking to your family about this serious issue; the state will assist you in government-sanctioned murder, no problem.

Unfortunately, the left does not care about the family, and wants the state to break the trust between children and their parents. Nothing is sacred to them except their fictitious right to slaughter children.