‘He Persisted’: Levine Bio to Join Chelsea Clinton’s Inspiring Women Book Series

February 24th, 2023 1:55 PM

I should write a kids book that’s going to be part of the Great Muscle Cars series. It’s called “The Yugo Persisted.” It’s the inspirational story of how the plucky upstart from behind the Iron Curtain challenged the status quo and took its place beside the Mustangs, GTOs and Camaros of the world.

What’s that? The Yugo isn’t a muscle car? Well, it doesn’t have a V8 engine, and it’s been criticized as a hamster-powered deathtrap made of recycled communist ration cards. But it identifies as a muscle car, and who are we to question its lived experience? 

Nobody’s second-guessing Chelsea Clinton’s decision to add “She Persisted: Rachel Levine.” to her "chapter book series about women who spoke up and rose up against the odds."

I mean, “Rachel Levine: The Dude Abides” would work, but “ShePersisted?” Anyway, if Chelsea can sell 6-9 yr-old kids Rachel (nee Richard) Levine as a woman, I can darn sure try to convince them the Yugo is a road-eating monster of ferocious power.

Yeah, Admiral Levine is joining the likes of  Oprah Winfrey, Sonia Sotomayor and Greta Thunberg on Chelsea’s pantheon of inspirational leftwing battle axes. 

Now, I must admit that my resume looks rather wanting in comparison to the five-star credentials of Chelsea’s chosen author for the Levine book. According to Fox News Digital:

Author Lisa Bunker worked for 30 years in public and community radio, before she started writing full time and lists her "geekeries" as "chess, piano, gender, storycraft, and language," according to her biography. 

Public and community radio? Get out! Hard to compete.

But I’ll keep, er, persisting. I’ve got a couple more books in the early stages: I’m currently pitching “Curacao Persisted: From Beach Resort to Regional Hegemon” for the Military Superpower series.