Emails Show Rachel Levine Talking 'Return on Investment' from Sex Change Surgeries

February 20th, 2023 11:30 AM

There’s no question “Admiral” Rachel Levine, Biden administration assistant secretary for health, is a Trans true believer. After all, Richard put his money where his Richard was to become Rachel. But the Daily Caller tells us that Levine’s not averse to somebody turning a profit while advancing the cause.

Megan Brock, a Pennsylvania parents’ rights activist, obtained some 2018 emails in which Levine, PA’s then-acting secretary of health, and pediatrician Rollyn Ornstein of Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital talked about selling sex changes to kids in terms of cold, hard cash. In fact, Ornstein’s use of terms like “ROI” and “downstream” revenue and talk about hooking in underage kids to exploit the opportunity to upsell them later would warm the heart of any regional sales manager. 

According to Daily Caller’s Laurel Duggan, 

Ornstein … believed a social worker for the hospital’s gender clinic would generate enough revenue to make funding the position worthwhile, noting that even with age restrictions for sex change surgeries, child patients would eventually turn 18 and be eligible for further interventions … Social workers at pediatric gender clinics can work as surgery advocates, gathering letters of recommendation on behalf of minors seeking sex change procedures that insurance companies are otherwise hesitant to cover, according to a 2021 report from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and the National Association of Social Workers.

(Yes, that acronym is real.)

In one email, Ornstein wrote:

I am trying to give them some numbers to help them realize the eventual ROI (return on investment) for this necessary position … Even if the patients under 18 who go for surgery might be limited, the patients we start with will eventually be over 18 … so I still think it’s worthwhile. Of course, I think it’s worthwhile no matter what.

Of course you do.

“You should be able to fund a MSW for evaluation and therapy for pediatric and adolescent patients in a program such as you do for the ED program and is done at CHOP,” Levine replied, but warned. “Pre surgical consult for patients under 18 will most likely be limited to FTM Top surgery and that might be a rather limited group of patients.”


Translation: for kids under 18, your social worker salesman may only be allowed to sell double mastectomies to girls who want to be boys.

Read the whole Daily Caller article. It doesn't paint a very rosy picture of Big Trans. In the meantime, please enjoy this heartfelt musical tribute to The Admiral in the video above.