‘But Hunter!’ Cruz-Hater Doesn’t Get Difference Between Minor and Adult

December 8th, 2022 3:01 PM

So is this the worst person on the internet, or just the dumbest?

It’s been reported that Sen. Ted Cruz’s 14 year-old daughter was admitted to the hospital for wounds due to “self harm.” It’s a heart-breaking situation that should be private or, at the very least, handled with circumspection and respect.

Instead, this being 2022, we get this from one Liana Kerzner a leftwing Youtuber, game developer and radio host:

Yep, she went there. Suggesting the situation of a troubled minor is somehow comparable to that of a 52 year-old man with access to money and political power is … either stupid or evil. 

But, somehow, it gets better. This was also on Kerzner’s Twitter feed.

Stop digging, sweetheart.

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