Hate Stunt: Journalist Calls Child Welfare on ‘Racist' Mom About Columbus Day

October 11th, 2022 2:55 PM

Don’t want to teach your kid the Howard Zinn “America Sucks” spiel against Christopher Columbus? A left-wing journalist named David Leavitt will accuse you via Twitter of celebrating horrible crimes, you racist. Then he'll make a show of calling a child welfare agency on you. Have a black child? You’re still racist to Leavitt.

It’s pretty unbelievable, but Leavitt actually pulled this hateful stunt on Virginia State Senate candidate Tina Ramirez. It was in retaliation, apparently, for Ramirez wishing Twitter followers a Happy Columbus Day.

Ramirez wasn’t having it:

Then this weird episode ensued:

Leavitt himself called Child and Family Services, apparently, and complained about the wait time. He waited on hold nearly an hour. In the meantime, he told Ramirez she’s a racist, despite her black daughter.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is an “Award-winning multimedia journalist." Ramirez herself summed up the incident perfectly: