Looking for Drag Queens? Washington Post Has You Covered

August 29th, 2022 12:37 PM

The Washington Post (Democracy Dies on Page One) is all in on the trans mania. Last week, education reporter Moriah Balingit dropped a couple thousand words moaning about a Kentucky transgender middle schooler sho can’t play field hockey. Today, dance critic Sarah L. Kaufman fires up her freak finder to recommend “Six drag queens you should be following on YouTube.”

Only The Post gives you this kind of “news you can use.” And Kaufman is an enthusiastic guide to girly boy burlesque. “Watching skilled performers do, say and be whatever they want — that’s exhilarating,” Kaufman writes. And it sure seems to blow wind up her skirt: “After all, not caring much about norms and outdated whispers is what got the queens into their wigs and sparkles in the first place.”

However, now that every minor cable network worthy of its name has drag-themed shows, and gender perversion is as pervasive as disco was in the 70s, it all seems a bit dull. No wonder Drag Queen Story Hour is a thing – let your freak flag fly around toddlers to recapture some of that old “transgressive” magic.

But take it from Kaufman, queens are still oppressed by “right-wing extremists and politicians,” so it’s incumbent on virtuous Post readers to do what they can. “If you can’t catch a live show,” she says, “spectacular queens and performances can be found at your fingertips, and watching and supporting them is one of the best responses to the attacks.”

Besides, as Kaufman says: “Life is short. Drag is fun. It can also be profound.” 

Profundity thy name is Sasha Velour?

Life really is short, and you won’t ever get back the time you spend with Sasha Velour or Trixie and Katya. Watching Monét X Change or Jomamma bump and grind may or may not be fun, depending on your tastes. But at least you can appreciate the directness of the name Bob the Drag Queen.