Update: White Showrunner of ‘Dear White People’ Cancels Chappelle

October 8th, 2021 2:02 PM

The woke left has reached peak absurdity. Yesterday, I noted that NBC got the vapors because Dave Chappelle spoke sense on his new Netflix special, “The Closer.” Today, Variety has more on the fallout of Chappelle saying “Gender matters.”

Jacklyn Moore, who was a writer and showrunner on Netflix’s Dear White People, is angry, and vows not to work with Netflix again. On Instagram, Moore said the streaming platform is “promoting and profiting from dangerous transphobic content.” 

They’re jokes, but never mind. Variety said “Moore transitioned during the pandemic, a journey she has chronicled across her social media platforms.” Like ya do. Sounds more like a career move than anything else.

But the best part is that the Dear White People showrunner is … white. The white transvestite wants to cancel the black comedian. Oh, the complications of intersectionality!

This all raises questions. Where will Netflix come down? Will it censor Chappelle? Will Chappelle censor himself? Why the hell would anyone follow Moore’s “journey?” Can the Sweet Meteor of Death please hurry up?