Radical Leftist Marc Lamont Hill Gets Late-Night Talk Show

June 30th, 2016 1:47 PM

Marc Lamont Hill is about to get his own late night talk show. Because there just aren’t enough liberal pundits clogging the nightly airwaves already.

VH1 recently announced that the CNN political commentator will be the host of VH1 Live, the channel’s first-ever late-night talk show. The Hollywood Reporter hyped the upcoming show by gushing that the “Ivy League-educated host [will] infuse his opinions and wit with what's billed as a "raw street savvy" approach to the subject matter,” entertainment news and gossip.

The “Ivy League-educated host” has shared quite the assortment of opinions during his time as a CNN contributor. Like that one time he said “the greatest lie in American history is the myth of the self-made person.” That’s an interesting statement from someone who once dropped out of college as a freshman but eventually went on to get his Ph.D.

Hill is also obsessed with race. Police shootings? Those are products of “white supremacy.” He loved Chris Rock’s race-based monologue at the Oscars this year, because “watching a bunch of uncomfortable white people in a crowd made me so happy." And recently, he said that Newt Gingrich was “perfect for Republicans” because “he’s not a woman, and he’s not black or minority.”

Hill also defended Kanye West’s “I made that bitch famous” smack at Taylor Swift in his song “Famous.” Why? Because West “made [Swift] a lot more famous.” If Lamont is going to be VH1’s resident expert on the entertainment world, he better realize that the world-touring pop star is a pro at being famous on her own.

Celebrity gossip commentator? The things radical lefties have to do for a paycheck these days.