'Star Trek: Discovery' Adds GLAAD-Approved Trans and Non-Binary Roles

September 3rd, 2020 7:00 AM

Looks like Star Trek will have to change its mantra soon. “Where no man has gone before” is about to be outdated thanks to the casting of trans and non-binary characters in the woke incarnation Star Trek: Discovery.  

On September 2, CBS All-Access officially released the casting of two new characters for the third season of Star Trek: Discovery. One character includes the first non-binary character, Adira, played by newcomer Blu del Barrio, who is described as "highly intelligent with a confidence and self-assurance well beyond their years." The other includes the franchise’s first transgender played by Ian Alexander, known only as Gray, who is "empathetic, warm, and eager to fulfill his lifelong dream of being a Trill host, but he will have to adapt when his life takes an unexpected turn."

Co-showrunner and executive producer Michelle Paradise boasted about this move, "Star Trek has always made a mission of giving visibility to underrepresented communities because it believes in showing people that a future without division on the basis of race, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation is entirely within our reach.”

Noting that the series is working closely with GLAAD to ensure proper representation, she commented, "We take pride in working closely with Blu del Barrio, Ian Alexander, and Nick Adams at GLAAD to create the extraordinary characters of Adira and Gray, and bring their stories to life with empathy, understanding, empowerment, and joy."

The characters alone would be an obnoxious liberal move, but the addition of GLAAD’s involvement makes it worse. For years, GLAAD has worked as the judge and jury of all things LGBT and beyond. Obnoxious leftist entertainment pieces are rewarded while anything less than 20% in TV representation is considered a loss. And the group has only gotten worse in demanding extensive representation for less than 4% of the country’s population. Of course, left-leaning Hollywood has no choice but to agree.

Sadly, this isn’t Star Trek: Discovery’s first foray into the liberal agenda. For the first two seasons, it’s boasted its “groundbreaking” representation with a gay romance as well as a black female lead. The show has even gone so far as to add blatant Donald Trump caricatures for fear of us thinking that the writers are anything less than woke.

Season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery will air on October 15 only on CBS All-Access. Until then, prepare for the show “to boldly go” even more to the left.