TV’s ‘New Normal’ is Obama Ad with Punch Lines

October 15th, 2012 9:06 AM

“The New Normal,” a show about a gay couple’s quest to have a child, is every liberal’s fantasy, and the episode “Obama Mama” was so full of Democratic talking points that it could have been written by Jay Carney and Stephanie Cutter.

The show’s creator Ryan Murphy is a notorious Obama supporter, and the character of Nana (played by liberal Ellen Barkin) is a “racist and homophobic Republican who happens to be a Mitt Romney supporter.”

“We all collectively thought it would be great to an episode where you presented Ellen's point of view, the conservative point of view, the Republican point of view that hopefully was eloquent and was given equal time,” Murphy told the Hollywood Reporter.

But Murphy really wanted to make sure a conservative voice was heard in “Obama Mama,” that is, conservative politics as viewed through a skewed, liberal lens.

The episode opened with partners Bryan and David badgering their surrogate, Goldie, about the election. “We have your very important absentee ballot for the battleground state of Ohio! It’s a big election this year,” the pair crowed.

When the couple discovered Goldie could be voting for Romney they are aghast. “Goldie, you are carrying our Democratic baby! It’s a beautiful little donkey fetus!” Bryan emotionally responded.

“Obama Mama” spewed the tired, liberal rhetoric obsessed with race and painting all conservatives as racist bigots. “We just want you to vote for the black, incumbent president of our choice,” Bryan told Goldie.

Nana, played by Ellen Barkin (an outlandish liberal who recently wished conservatives dead on Twitter), excelled at her role of painting conservatives Republican ideals through a Democratic filter.

“You left-wing nancy boys are poisoning Goldie with your hug-a-Muslim bullcrap!” Nana howled about the politics talk.

Nana then lauded her conservative credentials (which gave Murphy more time to mock Republicans.)

In a flashback scene a young and pregnant Nana was shown arguing with liberal protesters about Richard Nixon. She screams at them freakishly holding a sign which reads “I like Dick.” (Cue adolescent giggles.)

Later Nana, Bryan and David discuss past presidents. “We have you to thank for Watergate, Reagan, Bush and Baby Bush,” Bryan scoffed disdainfully.

“Awww honey, even we don’t like the Bush’s anymore.” Nana shot back.

And of course the threat du jour, Mitt Romney, took a beating in Murphy’s agitprop script. “Mitt Romney is the equivalent of saying poor people aren’t entitled to healthcare and the environment doesn’t need protecting,” David sneered.

Bryan then went to the MSNBC well, telling Nana, “I think this is about how Obama is black, and you don’t like anyone who’s not like you.”

Near the end of the episode the partners threw a dinner party to prove their diversity to Nana. When one of their friends began to choke on a piece of cake the duo turned it into a punch-line about health insurance.

“If Romney wins then we’ll have to sit here and watch you die,” Bryan quipped amid laughter from the table.

Jabs about proof of citizenship, a woman’s right to choose and gay marriage flow through the episode as if they came straight from a DNC speech. When a black character told Nana he would vote for Romney, she exclaimed, “You’re a black Republican! I didn’t know they existed!”

The episode ended with the gay characters stressing how equality is a “moral imperative” in America, and Bryan and David are over the moon when Goldie’s young daughter Shania voted for Obama in a mock election.

“I was leaning toward Romney because he support’s Israel’s security, but Obama believes gay people should be treated like human beings,” Shania concluded about her vote.

Murphy’s “equal and eloquent” portrayal of conservatives is more of a hit job than a fair assessment. Tolerance, anyone?