VP Debate: Feminists, Celebs Swoon Over Kaine’s ‘Heartfelt’ Abortion Support

October 5th, 2016 12:50 AM

During the vice presidential debate, feminist media on Twitter begged the candidates to bring up the topic of abortion. But when one finally did, they slammed him for “demonizing women.”

On Tuesday, vice-presidential candidates Governor Mike Pence (R-IN) and Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) debated at Longwood University in Virginia. When moderator Elaine Quijano (CBSN anchor and CBS correspondent) asked about their faith, Pence drew attention to the “sanctity of life” in regards to abortion.

Cue the feminist media and celebrity attacks on the “hateful, sexist psycho” Pence for “forcing women” into “breeding babies” – and the overwhelming praise for Kaine who called for “choice.”

Because the liberal media and Hollywood are very tolerant – when it comes to those that agree with them. There is only one accepted, liberal view of choice. Their choice.

Feminist Media

To begin with, MSNBC and NBC national reporter Irin Carmon praised part of Kaine’s abortion comments as his “clearest strongest line” and “heartfelt.”



Amanda Marcotte, politics writer for Salon, unleashed a slew of tweets about the abortion discussion.

“Pence really is passionate about forcing women, against their will, into breeding babies to give to other people,” she tweeted. Later, she added, “Pence's view that single women are nothing more than brood mares for couples that want children is just as misogynist as Trump's views.”



CNN political commentator Sally Kohn tweeted out a Planned Parenthood list of “8 outrageous facts about Mike Pence's aggressive, extremist war on reproductive freedom.”



As the founding editor of Cosmo for Latinas, Michelle H. Mulligan called celebrating the “sanctity of life” a way to “demonize women.”



Vox senior correspondent Elizabeth Plank credited Kaine for “nail[ing] that abortion question.” Plank also gushed that “Kaine making the point that his religion makes him pro-choice was so important” and “powerful.” (She didn’t point out that his Catholic faith excommunicates those who help others access abortion).




“Mike Pence is unabashedly anti-women's health. Period,” tweeted Emma Gray, executive women’s editor for The Huffington Post.  She thanked Kaine for his abortion comments.




Hollywood Women

It didn’t end there. Actress Jenny Slate, who starred in Obvious Child heralded as an “abortion romantic comedy,” shared her thoughts too.

Namely, that Pence’s stance on life and abortion make him a “true true true hateful, sexist psycho” and that “YOUR tax $ should fund my right to healthcare just like mine funds yrs.” Healthcare meaning abortion, that is.




She wasn’t the only one. Robin Thede (Nightly Show) accused Pence of, "TRAMPLING WOMENS' RIGHTS” and complained, “I can't believe we're still having this fucking conversation.”




Chloë Grace Moretz (Hugo, The Equalizer) retweeted a Hillary Clinton tweet citing Kaine’s support of Roe v. Wade.