Netflix’s Chelsea Handler Mad That Tom Brady Didn’t Take a Knee

October 3rd, 2017 9:51 AM

The September 28 episode of Netflix’s Chelsea titled “The Art of the Kneel” featured an interview with the NFL’s Reggie Bush and liberal activist and podcaster DeRay Mckesson. With her liberal white guilt on full display, Chelsea Handler told the two that she is angry with “white people of privilege” who don’t stand up for minorities in this country. “I’m mad that Tom Brady didn’t get down on one knee,” she said.

The majority of Americans do not support the political grandstanding going on during NFL games. Last year player Colin Kaepernick took a knee instead of standing for the National Anthem. Kaepernick claims he was expressing his opposition to police brutality and violence toward black Americans. A few other players joined him by mimicking the gesture but the issue exploded when President Trump mentioned that this is disrespectful of the American flag and the players should be fired. Now it’s all the rage among the players to go full-blown anti-Trump.

Unsigned free agent Kaepernick is being blackballed by the League, claims free agent Bush. He told Handler that he is friends with Kaepernick and he’s “better than every backup quarterback in the NFL at this point, and better than some starting quarterbacks in the NFL.” I have a feeling I’m not the only person who laughed at that statement. Then he admitted it was all about Trump when he continued, “So what I feel is that this past Sunday was obviously directed at Trump, so the translation of the meaning of why we’re doing it got lost, because this was directed at Trump.” Did I mention that Bush’s mom is a police officer? Yeah, there’s that.

Handler voiced surprise that, in her opinion, President Trump is racist. Like all liberals, she thinks there is no way one of their own would voice racism. She said, “He’s a liberal New York guy. He knows better than that. It’s really about erasing the fact that a black man was the President of the United States. Everything he does is evil.” DeRay agreed, “At every turn.” The crazy was strong, y’all." 



The history of the national anthem and the NFL was discussed. Players stayed in the locker rooms until 2009, except for the Super Bowl games and after 9/11/01. DeRay said, “It’s all manufactured rage by the President at this moment.” Handler’s suggestion was to skip it now and avoid the conflict. Naturally. What kind of solution is that?

DeRay Mckesson and Bush were not friends until they met backstage before the Handler show. Now Bush is all excited to get involved with DeRay’s “activism stuff.” Handler lapped that up and touted her recent decision to make everything political as she said, “I feel like I have a purpose in my life, like I’m not just a drunk blonde anymore. I’m actually doing something of import.” Wow. Someone is really taken with herself. DeRay was happy to spout his opinion of America. He said, “This has been a bad place for a lot of people for a long time.” There it is – the hate America first crowd nonsense in one tight sentence.

The NFL doesn’t have an official rule about players standing and showing respect for the American flag but the NBA does. Those players have been told to stand and if protests happen, players will be fined. The NBA hedged its bets by suggesting players and coaches issue a joint statement pre-game if they feel the need to deliver a message. Remember when sports were a great escape from politics and current events? I miss those days.