‘Everybody Gets a Trophy’ Philosophy Hilariously Blasted on FOX’s ‘The Simpsons’

March 19th, 2017 10:59 PM

It’s no secret that the Millennial "snowflake" generation is known for always needing support and praise, even if it's not deserved. This mentality of celebrating mediocrity is hilariously spoofed by FOX’s The Simpsons.

On Sunday’s episode, “A Father’s Watch,” Marge is concerned Bart won’t amount to anything and seeks out guidance online. While searching for advice, she stumbles upon author Clarity Hoffman Roth and her book entitled, “The Myth of the Imperfect Child.” Marge reaches out to Clarity for a seminar which brainwashes the parents of Springfield.

Clarity: In a recent study, this mouse was denied food whenever he failed to find his way through a maze. The mouse ended up dying of low self-esteem. 
Marge: I had a nightmare where that happened to Bart, but I never told you about it.
Homer: I love it when you don't tell me things.
Clarity: This mouse was given food whether he got through the maze or not. And this fall, he'll be in a lab at Harvard. Low self-esteem can cripple your child's chances of success. The cure: Praise. Praise they can hold in their hands. Certificates, ribbons and, yes, even trophies.
Luann: Trophies. So that's the easy answer.

Clancy: If Ralphie's shelf says he's a winner, then he'll be one!
Moe: And Moe yells a third thing to feel part of the group!
Marge: Yes! Trophies - that's what Bart needs. This is how we save him.
Homer: Give Bart a trophy? What for? Most boogers wiped on a bedroom wall? They're giving trophies for that now? I weep for this country. 

Well said, Homer!

While Bart takes well to the attention, Lisa doesn’t understand why trophies should be given everyone. She makes a scene when she wins a competition in class, but gets the smallest trophy.

Lisa: Why is my trophy the smallest? You all lost-- to me!
Ms. Hoover: Lisa, are you suggesting we engage in excellence bias?
Ralph: She's loser-shaming me.

Fortunately, the parents of Springfield abandon the “trophy philosophy” after they attend a seminar that speaks against the practice. What will it take for this to happen in real life?