ABC’s ‘Last Man Standing’ Finds Solution to Millennials Skipping Church

February 24th, 2017 11:39 PM

For a variety of reasons, churches are losing millennials in their pews. ABC’s Last Man Standing addresses this issue, with a great solution.

On Friday’s episode, “Take Me to Church,” Mike and Vanessa Baxter discuss how they can make church more engaging as Mike finds the service boring. Vanessa brings up the fact that she misses their daughters attending.

When questioned why they don’t attend, Mandy lies about going with Kyle (exposed by Eve) leading to a sarcastic remark that John 3:16 states, “Snitches get stiches.” Mandy, of all verses. Not funny.

Meanwhile, Mike works with Reverend Paul on improving his presentation which translates to a more engaging service. Vanessa mentions how great it feels to help improve the service. Mike concludes that’s the key to getting his daughters back in church.

Vanessa: Well, I guess that's it. We lost them. Our girls are done with church. 
Mike: There's a lot of ways to get them back, you know -- drug addiction, bad marriage, serious illness. You got to think positive. 
Vanessa: I mean, I always treasured those Sunday mornings we spent together. It's a tradition that I would hope the girls would carry on. 
Mike: The reverend killed it, resurrected it, killed it again. What else can we do? 
Vanessa: You know, I was glad he did my joke about feeding the multitudes with one fish and a loaf of bread. "And on that day, the Lord invented tapas." 
Mike: Yeah. Yeah. Strong small-plate joke. 
Vanessa: Yeah, small-plate jokes. We weren't just sitting there waiting to be entertained. We were a part of the service. We actually gave something of ourselves. 
Mike: Hmm. It worked for us. It'll work for them. They don't need to be entertained. They need to get involved. 

Mike gets Mandy to use her fashion skills to make new choir robes and gets Eve to help with improving the music. 

Great solution, Mike! No need to fight, just play to their strengths on how to help out. Genius!