'You Sucked at Swimming:' Olbermann Attacks Riley Gaines for Protecting Women's Sports

September 4th, 2023 11:03 AM

In a world full of unhinged leftists, Keith Olbermann is one of the worst.

Whenever politics and sports intersect, Olbermann is often quick to provide some out of touch take that spews progressive nonsense or flat-out attacks conservatives.

Such was the case on Wednesday, when former collegiate swimmer-turned-women’s rights advocate Riley Gaines posted a tweet in which she criticized Nebraska Sen. Megan Hunt for not wanting to protect women’s sports.

Hunt had criticized Gov. Jim Pillen for signing a “Women’s Bill of Rights” in which he stated it was necessary to keep men from competing in women’s sports. This caught Gaines’s attention, who in turn ridiculed Hunt for taking a stand for real women despite being one herself.

Because Olbermann felt he had nothing better to do, he mocked Gaines and made the ludicrous assumption she wasn’t a good athlete, which he thought was why she lost to Lia Thomas:

If you look at Gaines’s profile on the University of Kentucky’s website, her list of career accomplishments is stunning, with it saying she “ended her Wildcat career as one of the most decorated swimmers in program history.” Sounds like she accomplished more in four years that Olbermann has in his whole life.

That response rightfully irked many conservatives, including Outkick founder Clay Travis, who rushed to Gaines’ defense:

Gaines could swim laps around Olbermann by any intelligence standard imaginable.