Chess Organization -- Yes, Chess -- Firmly Says NO To Men In Women's Division

August 17th, 2023 11:13 PM

The International Chess Federation has put the transgender movement in checkmate.

FIDE has banned all transgendered females (men) from competing in the women’s division of its craft. While it might be surprising that a game that requires no physical contact would make this decision, it’s nonetheless encouraging that FIDE has made it clear that it won’t tolerate gender ideology nonsense.

The organization has ruled that if a male player transitions into a woman, they will not be able to play in any tournaments that FIDE oversees.

“In the event that the gender was changed from a male to a female the player has no right to participate in official FIDE events for women until further FIDE’s decision is made,” the organization stated.

FIDE added that if a woman attempts to become a man, all the titles that person won in the women’s division would be vacated.

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Naturally, Outkick pointed out that the Center for Trans Equality (CTE) hates thew ruling, saying the decision “relies on ignorant anti-trans ideas” and is “insulting to cis women, to trans women, and to the game itself.”

However, if the CTE can’t even really define what a woman is (because according to them being a woman is something that can be manufactured), then how can they know it’s insulting to women?

The ruling is more about getting back to the point of normalcy where we realize that we don’t need to appease the mob, gather scientific research, or find a middle ground to firmly say that there are two genders and they should be given separate spaces. FIDE’s decision was the logical and correct one, which would make sense given its run by people who play a game that rewards logical individuals.

Now if only we could get powerlifting to do something similar…