Massachusetts Governor Calls On Families To Help Solve Migrant Crisis

August 10th, 2023 10:55 AM

If you’re a citizen of Massachusetts, it’s your responsibility to help with the immigrant housing crisis. At least, that’s what the state’s government is telling its residents

Bay State Gov. Maura Healey declared a state of emergency in Massachusetts’ migrant housing crisis on Tuesday, saying that roughly 100 families per day had been requesting assistance as of July. On top of that, the state is currently housing 20,000 people (including 5,600 families) in emergency shelters, which is an 80 percent increase from last year.

These numbers are so high because Massachusetts is the only state in the country that has laws guaranteeing emergency housing to homeless families. So as a solution to the problem the state made with its own laws, Gov. Healey is asking for Bay State citizens to house families until the state gets things under control.

"This is a national issue that demands a national response," Healey said. "In the meantime, we’re simply asking the federal government to use the tools already available to give these brave parents a chance to work and support their families. At the same time, we’re calling on everyone in Massachusetts to come together, help us meet this moment in our state, and offer a helping hand."

Healey also said that the state of emergency comes on the heels of “rapid and unabated increases in the number of families with children and pregnant people.” Nothing like using politically correct language that diminishes women while asking your citizens to solve your crisis.

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Lt. Gov Kim Driscoll echoed her superior’s call on Thursday.

"Most importantly, if you have an extra room or suite in your home, please consider hosting a family,” Driscoll said. “Housing and shelter is our most pressing need and become a sponsor family.”

Gosh, what an offer! Take on the needs of another family that you know nothing about while Healey and Driscoll watch from afar, safely separated from the storm that will hit the citizens of the state.

Paul Craney, the President of the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, seems to be the only leader in Massachusetts that has any sort of logic in his assessment of what to do with the migrant problem.

“At some point, we also have to have compassion for the people that are here,” Craney said. “If Massachusetts can’t care for the people that are currently here, then why should we bring in more people in the state.”

This is the attitude that anyone in power should have regarding the issue of immigration. I’m not saying that immigrants are unwelcome in America or that we shouldn’t offer immigrant families any help, far from it. But if Massachusetts, any other state, or America at large overextends itself to the point where asking American citizens to house families is one of the few viable solutions left, the problem has gotten way out of hand.