San Jose Sharks Goalie Chooses Not To Wear Pride Jersey In Warmups

March 20th, 2023 3:29 PM

Courage is contagious, and a slew of NHL players and teams are providing courage for millions of normal Americans who might be afraid to take a stand against the LGBT agenda.

The San Jose Sharks hosted a pride night on Saturday before playing host to the New York Islanders. The team used its Twitter account to publish facts about the LGBT community instead of providing updates about the game (which San Jose lost, 4-1), and all players wore pride-themed warmup jerseys.

All players, except James Reimer, that is.

The Sharks goaltender chose to abstain from this PR stunt and instead provided a statement on how his religious beliefs led him to make this choice. San Jose, to its credit, also posted Reimer’s response on Twitter, which may have dialed down the force of backlash he would inevitably get from the progressive media.

His statement read as follows:

As with Ivan Provorov, we once again have an example of a man with his religious beliefs calmly and respectfully sharing his views while not sacrificing them for the sake of appeasing the inclusivity mob.

But as was also the case with Provorov, individual thinking and morality confused a lot of liberals.

Tara Slone, a host and contributor for the Sharks, said that she was concerned by Reimer’s actions and those of other teams who have decided not to wear pride jerseys this season.

At one point, she asks what’s going on when referring to all the teams and players who didn’t wear the pride jerseys, viewing it as a red flag for the league and a huge cause for concern. 

I’ll gladly explain what’s going on here.

What’s happening is more and more athletes in the NHL are recognizing that they do not have to accept the agenda that people like Slone evidently support. They are gaining enough courage to stand against the toxicity of the LGBT movement and inspiring others to do the same.

Additionally, their actions continue to highlight the absurd sense of entitlement in the political LGBT movement. Slone’s response in a nutshell explains what everyone on her side of this issue thinks: there is not room for "you do you," and they mercilessly tear apart the few who have the courage to act differently; just look at how progressives responded when the Minnesota Wild didn’t wear their pride jerseys. 

The reaction is some combination of a spoiled toddler and or an insecure bully, and it's an incredibly immature way to respond.

We all knew hockey players were a different breed of humanity because of how much physical pain they can endure. Now, we’re seeing a different side to their personalities that shows how strong some are when holding to their beliefs and their willingness to pay the price for them.

Maybe it will inspire other Americans to do the same.