Woke Mob Targets Nebraska Punter For Supporting New PM Of Italy

September 29th, 2022 2:41 PM

It’s not often that left-wing cancel mob comes after the punter of a college football team. But then again, there is a first time for everything.

On Tuesday, Nebraska Cornhuskers punter Brian Buschini tweeted out his support for Giorgia Meloni, who just became the first female to be elected as Prime Minister of Italy. His tweet was simple; it involved a clip from a speech Meloni gave in 2019 in which he captioned it, “All Glory to God. Love this!”

While there is nothing controversial about this in the slightest, it was enough to send leftist Twitter users into an uproar. You see, Meloni, though she is a woman (though I can’t be certain, since I’m not a biologist), is hated by progressives everywhere because she is anti-EU and its globalist agenda and strongly supports Christian and family-based values. The clip Buschini used in his tweet, of her delivering a speech in 2019, highlights her conservative leanings. It took the internet by storm. 

That’s enough to make leftists shake in their boots.

Because Meloni is a staunch representative of everything leftists hate, they have attempted to smear her reputation by comparing her to Benditto Mussolini, the country’s dictator during World War II. While Meloni’s party, the “Brothers of Italy” conservative party, did have ties to Mussolini, Meloni does not support anything that the facist dictator stood for.

But that’s not what the left cares about, so as soon as progressives saw that Buschini published this on his account, they demanded that the Cornhusker delete his tweet, which he did. He also sent out this apology note on social media to appease the rabid mob that came for his head.

Should Buschini have deleted his tweet? Absolutely not.

If athletes -- whether professional or collegiate -- can tweet out posts that support Black Lives Matter, politicians that support radical abortion legalization, or the LGBT agenda, why should Buscini be ruthlessly shamed into apologizing for what he believes in? 

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Sure, it's hypocritical to attack Buschini like this, but it also speaks to progressives' never-ending quest for speech control. They want to make people so afraid of the consequences of supporting anything they do not in the hopes that people will eventually just be silent and go along with mainstream thought.

That, more than anything Meloni or Buschini said, sounds like fascism to me.