Abrams Busted For Ad Blaming GOP Rival for Georgia Loss Of All-Star Game

October 13th, 2022 12:32 PM

When you’re a Democrat running for public office and you’ve got the left-stream media in your back pocket, you can lie with impunity. That’s what Georgia Democrat candidate for governor Stacey Abrams is doing with a hypocritical ad blaming her GOP rival for losing last year’s baseball all-star game to Colorado. Stacey Abrams

Following the controversial 2020 election, Georgia legislators passed the "Election Integrity Act of 2021." The supporting votes came strictly from Republicans. The passage led Democrats Abrams and President Joe Biden to brand it as “Jim Crow on steroids,” and to pressure Major League Baseball (MLB) to remove its 2021 All-Star Game from Atlanta. 

All that pressure stampeded MLB into a disastrous removal of the game from Georgia, causing local businesses an estimated $100 million in lost revenue. 

"Stacey Abrams was the single loudest voice in fabricating outrage over Georgia’s Election Integrity Act," commented Jessica Anderson, of the Heritage Foundation. Abrams "called the new law ‘Jim Crow’ at least 10 times after its passage, wrote that ‘boycotts work’ in a national op-ed, and misled voters about the law’s provisions, according to the Washington Post." 

That was last year. This year, Abrams is running for the state’s top office against Republican Brian Kemp, the incumbent. Abrams has hatched yet another big lie: that Kemp is to blame for losing the all-star game to Denver. 

Abrams’ deceptive ad flunks the smell test, stating: 

“Brian Kemp’s far-right politics have really cost us. We lost the All-Star Game over his restrictive voting laws, and it cost Georgia businesses $100 million. Music Midtown pulled the plug over his dangerous gun laws and cost us another 50 million undercount. Six hospitals closed, including a major medical center. Now, business leaders say his abortion ban is hurting Georgia companies. Stacey Abrams will keep jobs and opportunity here in Georgia so we can all thrive.” 

Abrams actually began trying to repair her damaging narrative a year ago and is continuing it now. OutKick blogger Joe Kinsey, busted Abrams for her dishonesty.: 

“What a backtrack. It’s too late for poor Stacey. The damage is done, and now she has to answer to the people of Atlanta. CNN, of all places, stands by estimates that moving the game out of the city will cost the economy $100 million. That’s on you, Stacey.” 

Gov. Kemp also debunked Abrams’ claims of Jim Crow and “far-right politics,” saying early voting has begun and there are no voter suppression horror stories coming in. Georgia’s primary election set records for turnout, further proving the Democrat lies. 

Alejandro Avila, also an Outkick writer, said Abrams comprehends the damage she caused to Georgia businesses over the loss of the all-star game. “Now, she’s flipping the narrative and accusing Kemp of costing Georgia the All-Star Game. A complete 180,” he charged. 

Thank God for some honest reporting out there that the left-stream media won’t do.