‘The Nation’: Musk Trying to Turn Twitter Into ‘Far Right Forum’

October 31st, 2022 3:19 PM

The left is so delusional that they think Elon Musk has sinister political plans with Twitter. More freedom may mean more right-wingers participating, but it does not indicate Musk will remove the left-wingers. 

Yet in a piece in The (very far left) Nation titled “Elon Musk’s Big Twitter Adventure Will End In Disaster” by Jeet Heer announces, “The good news is that the plutocrat’s move to turn a social media platform into a forum for the far right probably won’t work.” 

Heer (seen in photo) begins the piece by connecting the Paul Pelosi attack to Musk’s purchase, writing that hours after he finalized the deal, “In the dark of Friday morning, an assailant broke into Nancy Pelosi’s house in San Francisco with the apparent intent of harming or killing her. The break-in ended with a hammer attack on Pelosi’s husband.”

How are those related? Heer writes, “The two events are linked together by chronological proximity. Reporting quickly made clear that the alleged attacker, David DePape, had imbibed a toxic stew of social media hate speech.” 

Such a stretch. The attacker is clearly nuts, and if social media did propel him, the attack came before Musk implemented a single change to Twitter.

The current state of social media is leading to radicalization, and maybe Musk can make a positive impact. More freedom and fewer echo chambers could lead to more productive dialogue that will lead to less radicalization. 

But the left hates discourse and feels threatened by it. Heer exemplifies this, writing: “Musk is taking over Twitter under the banner of free speech, with a promise to end the supposedly restrictive rules imposed by previous managers of the social media site.” 

Of course, Heer calls it the “banner of free speech” and says the “supposedly restrictive rules,” diminishing both Musk’s mission and clamping down on people and ideas by Twitter in recent years. 

Heer continues, “The fear is that Musk will make one of the world’s leading social media sites even more of an agent of radicalization, a platform where lies and extremism will flourish. In the process, he’ll create even more David DePapes in the future.”

So Heer acknowledges our society has been increasingly radical and extreme and that social media has contributed to that. But it appears his solution is more moderation and restriction, not giving Musk a shot to fix the toxic hellscape with more freedom and fewer bots. 

Leftists are incredibly illogical. Just pure hysteria that there may finally be a degree of fairness on Twitter after years of neoliberal control.