No Thanks! Republicans on 'Normalize the Bulge'

October 26th, 2022 11:13 AM

Caitlyn Jenner, Senator Marsha Blackburn, and Donald Trump Jr. all criticized trans Tik Tok star Dylan Mulvaney for an insane video from the 74th day of his famous series called "Days of Girlhood," which documents his determination to pretend he’s a woman.

In the video, Mulvaney showed and talked about how he wore extremely tight leather shorts to go shopping. On his outing, people stared directly at his crotch. He realized, “Oh, I forgot my crotch doesn’t look like other women’s crotches sometimes because mine doesn’t look like a little barbie pocket.”



Mulvaney concluded that he had three options:

1. Stop wearing tight clothes like this and start wearing loose-fitting clothes

2. “Tuck” but that is painful 

3. Keep wearing clothes like this and “normalize women having bulges because we’re coming up on bikini season baby and you might see a bulge or two.” 

Of course, the third and most imposing and disturbing option is what he chose, even bursting out into song about it, belting: “Normalize the bulge, We are normalizing the bulge, Women can have bulges and that’s okay, We’re not gonna stare at their crotches, While they’re wearing their little shopping shorts at the mall.” 

Jenner, Blackburn, and Jr. are correct that society should not normalize this. 

Don Jr. tweeted, “The democrat party in a nutshell. In a country of aprox 350,000,000 people, a middle aged biological male who transitioned to female about a year ago is the person chosen to go to the Oval Office to talk with the President about being a girl.”

Mulvaney is 25, but besides that, Don Jr.'s sentiment is correct. 

Senator Marsha Blackburn tweeted, “Dylan Mulvaney, Joe Biden, and radical left-wing lunatics want to make this absurdity normal.”

So true. After all, like Jr. said, Mulvaney was invited to the Oval Office to talk to Biden. It cannot get much more normalized than that. 

Powerfully, coming from a trans woman, Caitlyn Jenner thanked Senator Blackburn for speaking out and agreed with her, tweeting, “Let’s not ‘normalize’ any of what this person is doing. This is absurdity!”

It all seems so obvious, but in our upside-down world, it is not acceptable to take these stands. Hopefully, with even Caitlyn Jenner speaking against it, society will collectively conclude they should not normalize this.