Fifth Harmony’s Jauregui: 'Divine Feminine' Needs To Be Awakened In Men

December 20th, 2018 4:04 PM

In May 2018 Billboard reported that Fifth Harmony, the girl group who heated up the summer charts in 2016 with “Work From Home,” were going on an indefinite hiatus to allow members to work on solo projects.

For their brunette bleater Lauren Jauregi, spreading the “woke” was apparently one of those things worth pursuing. Billboard Magazine did a profile on Jauregi’s activism in their Dec. 15 issue, which was titled “‘We’re All Living Through This Reality Together’” but might as well have been named “Conservatives Are Bad, Men Are Bad.”

When probed by Billboard about the political moment she found the most impactful in 2018, she had a ready response: “Ever f***ing day is impactful.” This was a strident preface to her larger answer, where she expressed gratitude for all the minorities and women who had entered public office during the midterm elections, because “we needed some feminine, ‘radical’ -- as Fox News would say -- energy.” Get feminized, Fox!

But she still feels that public servants haven’t quite earned the trust of the people they serve: “We have a long way to go, as far as having these conversations and building trust -- because Brett Kavanaugh is literally sitting on the Supreme Court right now -- but...these conversations are happening and we’re seeing a resurgence of women supporting each other.” Blaming Kavanaugh. How original.

So based on her answers, Jauregi seems to find women the only demographic worth representing. But her last one absolutely nails it: Her response to “What is a change you hope to see in 2019?” was thus: “I hope to see the divine feminine awakened in men, and for them to start to be self-reflective and do some of their own emotional labor and not depend on women to do that for them…” Education and charity don’t even get a mention -- for Juaregi, men just need to become more like women in 2019.

As with many celebrities, Jauregi has simply let feminist revenge politics color her entire worldview.