MRCTV On The Street: Cuban Freedom March Against Communism/Socialism

July 27th, 2021 4:41 PM

Some of the largest anti-Communist protests in Cuban history are currently occurring 90 miles south of the United States because six decades of Marxism and its fruits have turned the island nation into a hellhole. People need to start seeing it for what it is. Everyday Americans should see how regimes built on Marxism end up trampling on and killing any concept of human rights. 

That is why MRCTV recently went to talk to the anti-communist Cuban protestors. 

In solidarity with their friends and loved ones, trapped in the "Workers' Paradice," Cuban Americans have traveled from Miami and all over the country to Washington, D.C. over the weekend of July 24.

We talked to many different protesters to find out what freedom from Communism means to them. To say these people are passionate is an understatement. Desperation is the real word. Our MRCTV crew barely had to utter a question to any of these anti-communist Cubans before they were exclaiming their hatred for the communist regime and begging for the U.S. government to extend some of our country’s respect for human freedom and dignity to the Cuban people. 

In stark contrast to the freedoms we Americans enjoy, these Cuban-Americans revealed how the native Cubans have no freedom of speech and are subjected only to shoddy, state-provided healthcare – which during the pandemic has amounted to nothing. They are lining up by the thousands to receive a morsel of food and are ultimately subjected to police beatings, kidnappings and even murder by state officials if they don’t shut up and do exactly what they’re told by the dictatorship.

Protesters showed us videos of mothers and fathers, siblings and even abuelos wailing in pain in grief over 15 year-old boys murdered by police. And such horrific videos only offered but a tiny window into the terror that’s happening on the island as the government is trying to reign in these impoverished victims of communism. The government has crippled the internet in the country so that there’s no communication to foment rebellion and no ability for the outside world to see the debacle that is the Cuban regime.

Some rough estimates say that at least 500 protesters in Cuba have gone “missing.” Many of them are in jail or probably dead. Still, these protesters have decided after 60-plus years of communist rule that they’d rather die than have no freedom.

One poignant message the Cuban-Americans had for us: the stranded Cubans don’t want more food, they don’t want more vaccines, and they don’t even want medical supplies airdropped into their island. They want FREEDOM. They want the freedom to get these things for themselves and their family,  and the real crime of the communist regime is keeping that from them. 

WATCH the video above to see the realities of what real socialism and real communism have given the Cuban people.